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Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady

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Intra-Family Coalitional Influences on Consumption. Connected Coalitions: Helping or Hindering?: How Consumers Contextualize Numeric Information. Stephen A.

Psychology-Compatible Elicitations: Making Sense of the Nonsense: Buying Daily Pleasure with Daily Payments: When Recall Disrupts Memory: Looking Ahead: Of the Bold and the Beautiful: Exploring the Remarkable Malleability of Time. Brand Communities, Subcultures of Consumption, and Tribes.

Renewing Subcultural Ideology: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Inferences: Familiarity Hijack: Ambivalence, Fear, and Liminality. The Case of Slow Food. Evidence from unapprecjated Cross-National Survey. Scale Development and Implications. Evidence of Evaluation Overshoot.

Weighing the Weight Issue. The Pursuit Of Happiness. Consuming Nostalgia through the British Italian Cookbook. Sociality in Consumer Activism. A Life Course Perspective. Agent vs. Consumer Responses to Persuasion Attempts.

Consumption as a Buffer against the Potential for Threat. Consumer Reactions to Context Sensitive Advertising. Consistency and Costly Prosocial Behavior. Intercultural and Hosting off Oak Ridge st for a women Comparisons.

Focalism in Temporal Comparisons. The Subjective Valuation of Coins and Bills. A Processing Fluency Perspective. Compensation between Physical Activity and Food Consumption. Influences of Product Type and Need for Cognition. Revealing Hidden Inconsistencies within the Marketplace. Landwehr, University of St. Hedonic Consumption and Compliance with Assertive Messages. How Presentation Order Affects Perceptions. Interpersonal Influences on Price Decisions. An Affective Information Processing Model.

Implications for the Effectiveness of Persuasive Messages. Wyer, Jr. Self-Other Difference in the Context of Endowment.

Crowding and Mental Construal Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady Product Features. The Surprising Impact of Distant Events. Consumer Government in Wardrobe Self-Help.

The Different Roles of Ease of Retrieval. Shifting Standards in the Evaluation of Product Failures. Implications for Experimental Consumer Research. Putting the ee in trees and the o in forest. The Role of Personal Relevance.

Justification for the Hedonic Purchase. Relying on Hard vs. Frequency Effects Depend on Exposure Duration. The Regulation of Emotions via System Fit. The Idea of Fit to Control. The Reading Direction Effect. Perceived Customer Value in Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady Smartphone Age. Tensions and Emergence in an Accelerated Marketplace Culture.

Emerging Self-Actualization in the Video Industry. Donks, Bubbles and Boxes: A Sacred Experience? A Generational View.

Causes and Consequences. Connecting Consumer Behaviors. Behavioral, Psychological, and Neural Perspectives. Is Latin America! How different levels of subject norms and identity influence green behavior. The Discarding of Vice and Virtue Products. Partitioned or Consolidated Presentation? The Influence of Pure and Mixed Emotions. Examining the Effects of Highly Attentive Service.

Deciding for Oneself versus Deciding for Sensual Scuol massage. Citing Sources in Print Advertisement Claims.

The Effect of Synchrony on Uniqueness Seeking. A New Type of Commercial Friendships. The Dark Side of Gratitude. An Inductive Content Analysis. The Moderating Role of Social Distance. Planning for their post-retirement housing. The influence of self-construal on choice and advice-giving.

Implications for Marketing. Implications from Consumer Neuroscience. An Empirical Study. Scale Development and Validation. A Deterrence Account. Personality Paradox in Different Contexts. Positional Concerns are stronger in Inevaluable Domains.

Managing Difficult Decisions Through Reconstruals. Effects Wife want sex Nehalem Expertise and Aging on Experiential Learning.

The Influence on Perceived Fairness. Effects on Health Message Efficacy. Does co-creation of a usage experience lead to positive consumer outcomes? Do Perceptions of Complementarity and Substitutability Matter? Number-of-Mouth and the Mis Communication of Preferences. The Moderating Role of Power. A Meta-Analysis.

A Social Identity Perspective. Understanding the Appeal of Violence in Popular Media. Multiple-Brand Experience: Another perspective on consumer preference formation. Consumer Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady to Brand Elimination. Aversion to Functional Food Chemicals. Who or What Really Counts. Memory and Liking of Negative Brand Names.

However, within consumer resistance literature, sumer context. The concept of ideology remains incomplete on a num- ideology has been pushed aside and no mention is made of how con- ber of grounds. The Slow Food SF movement, a contemporary move- ogies.

Given that the SF Movement has The socio-historic patterning of consumption research program undergone significant changes in recent years, shifting from a focus is also relevant. This literature considers institutional and social struc- on gastronomy good foodto the environment clean foodto social tures such as New Port Richey female looking for New Port Richey male fb, gender, ethnicity, community, family and other justice fair food issues Parkins and Graigit is an appropriate formal groups and how they influence consumption Arnould and case study for studying how movement ideologies change overtime.

Thompson Unlike the classical re- Also of significance is the analyzing contemporary consumer Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady such as SF Cherrier work of Kilbournewho worked alongside others Kil- and Murray ; Kozinets ; Kozinets and Handelman We bourne, Beckmann, and Thelen on the subject of the dominant use the work of Italian theorist Meluccione of the key social paradigm DSP.

Although it is not explicitly implied in the mar- new social movement theorists Buechler, The DSP seems to function as Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady ideology that seeks to legiti- mize and justify dominant social process. The fundamental difference Defining Ideology between DSP and ideology lies in the definition of ideology. While Ideology is most commonly used in political discourse however DSP literature relies on a more critical Marxist definition Girl jogging Cooperstown ideology, other types of ideologies exist including social, ethical, environmen- here we employ a positive definition of the concept and discuss ideol- tal and epistemological ideologies.

Geuss suggests that the ogy as a representation of set of ideas of those individuals and groups definitions of the term ideology fall into three categories—descrip- that are in fact counter to the ideas of their dominant culture. The descriptive definitions of ideology are self-explanatory and discuss ideology in a neutral sense. The pe- Like TouraineMelucci suggests that the three ana- jorative definitions refer critically or negatively to the relationship lytical elements that make up the form of an ideology of a movement between power and maintaining dominance.

If the motivation is are: Here ideology termines the limits of collective identity and the legitimacy of the represents ideas which are fundamentally flawed. The positive defi- movementopposition there is identification by movement mem- nitions consider ideology in a more favorable light and it is in this bers of an adversary ; and totality members are able to articulate sense that ideology is defined Senior lonely ready swinger moms this article; specifically, an adapted shared objectives.

The formative phase occurs during the nascent state of the Ideology within the movement. During this phase, ideology legitimizes the various meanings of ideology. It is literature on consumer movements, especially consumer resistance. Two aspects of ideology become attending a SF organization Meeting of International Councilors in important. Integration of the movement as a whole is accomplished Switzerland in and at the individual activist level primary by a repeated proposal for values and norms; the control of deviant data collected in semi-structured interviews conducted with mem- behavior; and the stabilization Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady certain rituals.

In fulfills a strategic function. This can take place by widening the mar- interviews, respondents were asked a series of questions pertaining gins within which the movement acts in the political system or by to their own personal life histories e. They were also asked to serve previously outside Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady conflict to become involved.

This critical approach to data collection provides a human and subjec- Background to the SF Movement tive account of change and allows insights into aspects of ideology The conceptualization of the SF Movement includes a multi- such as movement identity that are not otherwise apparent from plicity of different organizations, interest groups and individuals.

The organizational texts. Interview respondents were selected to achieve initiator and main driver of the movement since it officially become diversity and to ensure a rich and more realistic historical data. Thus, an international organization in is the official SF organization different types of SF members official members of the SF organi- which has attracted oversubscribed members who belong to zation as well as unofficial members of the wider SF Movement local chapters in over countries SF.

Editore, Each were interviewed.

As with the analysis of the organizational texts, the main aim lia hosts a range of events. Thus, when summed up by I need sex now home alone current marketing slogan that they use: This ideology has evolved since SF began. As the interview process was considered complete The researchers obtained president of Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady SF Movement Carlo Petrini explains: Editoireonline.

In total, 23 respondents were interviewed. Table 1 An overview of the respondents interviewed. The use of war and military terms used to structure the analysis. Chronological periodization of this such as lieutenant, defensive maneuver, self-destruction Xxx dating Victoria enemy information presents the history of the SF Movement and the chang- c.

Petrini and Padovani4, 70, 71, 81 provides a case in Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady elements and ideological roles scattered throughout the narrative point. Thanks to the success of these media, the ideas promoted by which are then brought together at the end of the findings section in the group gained wide attention.

Later that year, Petrini organized a a summary table. The environment is Bra a small town in Petrini and cited in Petrini and Padovani This club was the nucleus of what would SF was not only applauding the renowned chefs, but the fact that later become Arci Gola—the forerunner of the SF organization.

At good quality cuisine was available to the masses. This idea is a cen- this time, the Socialist and Communist parties in Italy supported a tral tenet of the SF concept and to this day SF fights to liberate the nationwide network called Arci which organized an array of cultural traditional Italian taverns from the threat of a fast food culture.

Based on a common interest in food and wine and spurred on After the official launch, SF leaders started expanding the con- by Petrini, an oeno-gastronomic group, Arci Gola started in Many terms with strong communist connotations, a serious matter.

Editore Padovani7. The next pivotal moment in the development InArci Gola published its first journal and soon Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady of the organization was the SF World Congress which was held in gan producing articles and books.

On the cover of its first journal, Editore Intwo new SF websites appeared. Following the success of SF in these two countries, lieved would Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady the production of raw milk cheeses; and 2 the decision was made at the SF Italy National Congress to the No GMO Wine campaign which was launched against the Eu- invest in the development of SF internationally.

Along with this new emphasis on im- Mids— The year was a big year in the history proving the quality of local food, SF started branching out into other of the SF with the high point being a world meeting of food com- Big nude black women.


In and gastronomy. Editoreonline. The launching of this event was indicative Raul. Israel, Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon understood they were all part of By the mids, both the Italian Arci Gola SF organization the same family and symbolically dipped bread in salt.

The great and the International SF organization had grown significantly and the fraternal gesture of dipping bread in salt! Given this change in focus, movement leaders of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy. The university aims to transform espoused new principles that promoted the direction they envisioned gastronomy into a multidisciplinary science and mirroring an impor- for the international movement.

Amongst these were the principles tant step in the development of the SF ideology. What we are: We support of a number of groups and organisations that were previously changed our point of view with the idea of defending good food in outside their domain.

The Case of Slow Food explains the logic behind this addition Carolima the event: Furthermore, the SF data revealed that each time the saw local Terra Madre regional meetings held in the Bal- ideology changed, it appears to have passed through a new formative kans, Brazil, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Argentina, indica- phase of development before Petite hot wives Datca sex consolidated.

The SF leaders are, however, quick to point or so years ago in Cordvoa e. Evidence of and the two phases formative and consolidative do not capture the the changing content and form of SF ideology has been scattered richness of the Caropina diffusion process over time. For example, Dhalla throughout the above narrative and Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady now synthesized in Table 2.

Military proposal for values, and values, norms ex. Sem Terra ex. Ways of language and norms ex. Diversity Movement dressing at Terra Communist Manifesto symbols ex. Networking Producing margins of the ex. No-GMO Dipping bread in ex. SF and symbols political system alliance salt gesture Fair- trade Italia ex.

French ex. Moving Project Revolution away from Leftist origins Figure 1 suggests an extended model of ideological change in a plained by Rogers The points A, B, and C show the moments where group, the adversary, and the collective goals are redefined in a more the ideology is re-launched.

Furthermore, the framework this case SF ideology will finally be adopted. Furthermore, the product recognises that it is not only the innovation itself changing as it Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady life cycle model has traditionally been used to explain sales and repeat over time, but that the purpose for which it is used is also changing.

Fur- sales, which are arguably quite different from the case at hand. Given ther research which investigates using product life cycle and diffusion of these limitations, the proposed model is useful as a metaphor but not as innovation models to help explain ideological change is warranted. Of strong predictive model.

Ideological development of a consumer movement over time. Collected Works, New York and London: But among all those changes, the constancy of m-pyre, the comfort of opening jnappreciated page to see the intelligence and activeness of my fellow Ms, has kept a lifeline open to my "higher brain. This next year may be a kinder, gentler post kind of year for me. We'll see what engages my attention once there's a new girl to think about, watch out for, and eventually discuss this crazy Bridgeport Connecticut blonde at rexhame beach with.

In the spirit of sharing our womenly wisdom, my fellow m-pyricists Horny married fife woman agreed to impart their advice to the newest little M, making her way into the world.

Afterward, we've got a little "How well do you know us, and how well do we know each other? Share your guesses in the comments, and we'll follow up with answers Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady week. And finally, we've got requests for posts we'd like to see here on m-pyre in the coming year. Maggie says: My first piece Sluts from Ponce advice to you, little one, is to soak in all the hugs from your mom that you Sputh, because those are some great hugs.

Hugs are an underappreciated art form, Older woman ottawa dating your mama is an artiste. Speaking of your mama and the gals that she surrounds herself withknow just how lucky you are to be born in a moment where ldy is possible for girls like you.

Beautiful Lady Wants Dating Norfolk Virginia

More than ever before, you can be anything and everything you want to be — your own Supergirl. But just as important, and something your mom knows better than anyone, are all the things that can make our world a more beautiful place, a more Looking for sensual friends place, and a more connected place. Watch her do those things, and take notes. Because expressing yourself with values? That sounds like a Supergirl to me.

Also, little one, and this is important: Marjorie says: And what advice does one give to Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady new person regarding life, when it's such a singular experience?

But perhaps I can transcend my habits for this new person, because after all she is quite special. So here is my advice, as close to simple noun-verb constructions as I could get them: Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady everything.

Do right by yourself, while making room for others. Take a position and act on it. Read a lot. Do your homework. Indulge your curiosity. Listen to your intuition. Enjoy your life. Be kind and cultivate empathy. Leave the spaces you enter in a better condition than you found them.

Have respect for yourself.

Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady I Am Wanting Vip Sex

Learn what that actually is. Brush your teeth and sit up straight, but embrace your inner tomboy also. Love your mother and your father. Listen to them even when you're sixteen--they're Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady smart.

Posted by mjae. The Ms ask: Can you guess which M is described Women looking sex tonight Woonsocket South Dakota each category? For bonus points and eternal credit for EQ, can you guess which M volunteered the description? Place your bets in the comments; answers posted next week!

Sample answer sheet provided below. Every row is in a different order - no one is all "A," "B," or "C" I know, I know, we're tough like that. Can anyone fill out the entire board?

Wants Sex Chat Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady

Posted by Maggie. What's in store for the next year on m-pyre? Here's what each of us are hoping to learn from each other in new posts throughout the year: Mikaela would like to see posts from Maggie on: What the latest economic crisis will do to affordable housing in our cities Who looks like which shoes and why? Mikaela wants to see Marjorie post about: The new political landscape for the Mormon church Maggie thinks Mikaela should take a stab at: How to reconcile the loads of pale pink baby clothes she's bound Crodova receive with modern notions of Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady and motherhood.

I will need Carolinaa Can a brilliant mind watch dumb tv without hearing that inner "you're too smart for this" monologue? If not, how ad shut it off? If Sexy girls Lakeside, what's the filter like? Maggie wants Marjorie to detail: The future of labor in the landscape of a Democratic Washington and a decidedly new economy, where nothing is what it was.

Johnson, and just what they would discuss. Marjorie wants to hear from Maggie about: The urban planning landscape of Dallas, from her vantage point in a private sector planning practice. How does the city stack up when it comes to transit, is there a community-based planning world in the big D, what are the power nodes? Please, do tell. A reflection about the life transitions of a mobile, Carllina professional in the United States--juggling the freedom to pursue career moves with the pull of a highly rooted huug.

Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady wants Mikaela to unappreciatef us: How faith and politics intersect on the left, and where are the commonalities between her faith based community and those evangelical groups we hear so much about on the right. Is it possible for w mile-a-minute, high achieving woman to "have it all"? Regarding this perennial question, I'd like to hear about the challenges, through the lens of Mikaela.

What about our readers? Do you have requests for us? What would you like to read here in the next year? Got to thinking about Missouri's status as bellwether state - picking the president in all but one presidential election since exception: Adlai Stevenson. Since Missouri went for McCain by Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady slimmest of margins And guess who was right behind their record, with 2 slips since Presidential voting started laxy the state?

That's right - good ole NM. As one reporter put it about losing Missouri's not-so-much-vaunted position: There Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady a lot of glory in being the bellwether, except that reporters and news crews from places like Washington, London and Germany came to interview us in election season.

We'll take it! We need the Offsring, even if they are news crews! Get ready, Missouri. We'll go head-to-head in and see who goes home with the bellwether title. Mikaela reposts from Dan Froomkin: In May, Fo House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten issued a memo announcing that, as far as last-minute regulations were concerned, the Bush Administration would take the high road.

Agency heads were instructed to "resist the historical tendency Offerring administrations to increase regulatory activity in their final months. But Bolten's deadlines came and went without anyone paying Meet pussy Paraguay noticeand the real deadline is now upon us. Rules published by tomorrow go into effect before President-elect Obama takes office, making them much more difficult to reverse.

Look Adult Dating

This Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady, we layer the electoral map on top of an map of cotton production in the U. Notice how strongly the counties that voted for Obama correlate with cotton production. First, we see that by and large, the folks who produced that cotton - by force, as we know - still maintain a presence in the area once known as the "Black Belt," both for its soil and for its forced labor.

That density patterns of African-Americans in the South still reflect the same geographical pattern of years ago is interesting, but probably no surprise to any of us. Today, the cotton counties are still largely rural, with small towns sprinkled throughout, and have a strong enough African-American presence to turn blue in a sea of red. The layering of the cottom map with the electoral map provides, for me, an opportunity to reflect on race and change in our country. Like many of you, I see the election of Barack Obama as a reckoning a sorts, a statement of hope, a turning of a new leaf.

In the context of last week's wonkerythis map is a powerful testament to me of a new way forward for the South. That the nation's choice for president is the same choice that Southern blacks made is progress in and of itself. By throwing out our old notions of Beautiful ladies looking nsa Lincoln Nebraska politics, it's possible to interpret that the South has spoken again, only this time, with different voices doing the speaking.

This other population of the South - those victims of hate and structural oppression in the name of color - have not only spoken, they have been heard. What do you see? That is all. Maggie cheers: Wuerker for Politico. He's a man of history.

A man of destiny. Maybe global manifest destiny. Not in a good way. In the good ole fashioned decimating way Folks Beautiful ladies searching hot sex Boston wondering now how much we'll ever know about Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady constitutional, legal, and world relations havoc wreaked by our current and outgoing, thank god President.

Will Bush pardon Libby to protect Cheney's secret legacy? Will he issue a blanket pardon for all involved in the illegal torture he okayed with an Executive memo, as he's considering? Will Obama take the path of "fact-finding" in order to discover atrocities and right them, as his advisors recommendor will there be bipartisan "commissions" aimed at prosecution, sure to blow all the goodwill and harmony we feel in America right now, or And then there's this little tidbit.

Let's take a look at that again. That looks like this. Talk about American Pie! Man do I wish my job had that much paid time off. If only he could have spent MORE time out of the White House, dragging Cheney with him, maybe some of the worst disasters under his "watch" would never have happened! Not only has he broken the record of the previous vacationing-est president, Reagan, but it coincides with his record for lowest rating President ever in the polls. Way to make history, Bush!

Glad you're history, you clever little cowboy! I'm going to try and keep up with a little something Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady going to call "Wonkery of the Week" here on m-pyre. By the way, I like alliteration, so even if I don't make it every week, I'm keeping the name.

And sure, 'wonkery' may not be in the dictionary, but I'm going to consider it a parting tribute to W. Gotta get them in while we still can! Wonkery of the Week is going to feature the pieces I find myself nerding out to with the most excitement each week. Enter last night, finishing a pile of work I brought home, and finally being able to dig into this article and its corresponding maps and charts under the covers at midnight. So worth the wait! Nerdiness out of my system, Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady take a look: For South, a Waning Hold on National Politics In the last week of the election, we heard various analysts warn the Republicans that their party was increasingly becoming a white, regional, "Southernized" party only.

This article makes those claims impossible to refute, as it details how the South effectively Red-voted themselves out of relevancy last week by supporting McCain in Looking for Exminster sex Exminster high numbers, making race the only explanation.

Obama — supporting him in some areas in even greater numbers than they did President Bush — voters from Texas to South Carolina and Kentucky may have marginalized their region for some time to come, political experts say. My inbox is flooded with discussion about Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady Washington Post piece from last week, originally sent to me by my friend Saleem. In separate discussions resulting from that piece, it's clear that none of us can stop exclaiming - or tearing up - over how poignant it is.

See for yourself: The Vortex Theatre's Political Playfest while it was running. Longtime friend Gene Grant wrote a piece titled "Enter on the Execution" that won the event's top prize. Without revealing too much, I'll offer that the play is set in a restroom, just before Barack Obama will give the oath of office.

Inside, he meets a bathroom attendant who, as a black man who's worked for decades in the White House, has an interesting perspective on just what Obama is about to take on, and just what it means. In "A Butler Well Served His stories and perspective are remarkable, and like Gene's hero, he in many ways represents the moment of change we now find ourselves in Fuck buddy clinton ky regard to race in America.

Both of these pieces - fact and fiction - are remarkable at this moment in time. Maybe if we're lucky, Gene will tell us a bit about his play and his thoughts about Eugene Allen. A slideshow of Eugene Allen's life in the White House. There's been a lot of admonishment not to gloat about the outcome of the election from many different sources.

I'm okay with that. As long as we continue to see signs of progress toward freedom, accountability, and transparency, I'm okay with low-key waiting and watching for change. Not only does the minister of our very liberal, very blue Unitarian Universalist congregation wish we were more diverse in order to maintain more debate and dialog and our connection to the rest of the country, but her pastoral prayer on Sunday included a request to the powers of healing and renewal to forgive us our doubts and fears about the election.

That got me! She also shared this fantastic cartogram of the election resultsadjusted for population density and the gradient of votes in each county - showing a true representation of the mix of red and blue votes in most places to result in " purple america. I'm ready to move on - happily, intentionally, and thoughtfully. Something crazy's going on these days, because Keith Olbermann is talking about love.

I feel ashamed that in the midst of such glorious victory, we're left with Proposition 8. And I feel ashamed that my position in this world allows me to forget that.

I'm planning a wedding with no legal constraints, no court orders, no protest signs. Just my heterosexual self who can get married whenever Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady want, as many times as I want, if that's what I choose.

Seeking Sex Tonight Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady

Sexy hot asian women 23 Chase 23 I do believe that one day we will look back on the struggles for same-sex marriage equality and shake our heads that there was ever a question, ever a raised legal eyebrow, at that right. Just as we do today with interracial marriage and basic civil rights.

But we are not there yet. Not yet. I leave you with two of my favorite images I've stumbled upon in the world of wedding blogging. The emotion of these unions are Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady so evident to me in photographs. Take a minute and really look at these. I see happiness. And we all deserve a shot at it, each one of us. Photography by Jessamyn Harris. Busy morning here, so I offer in full from The Progress Report who do such a great job with links and atribution: Having promised to " sprint to the finish " of his second term and "to remain focused on the goals ahead," President Bush is "working to enact a wide array of federal regulations, many of which would weaken government rules " aimed at protecting workers, Offering Cordova South Carolina and a hug to unappreciated lady and the environment, the Washington Post reports.

In some instances, the administration has allowed federal agencies to circumvent public feedback methods by limiting the period for public comment, " not allowing e-mailed or faxed comments or scheduling public hearings. As if you need another reason to watch RM. I've been absolutely obsessed with Newsweek's " Secrets of the Campaign ," installments of which have been released throughout the day. Bated breath for Chapter 7 right now! Every year, Newsweek puts full-access reporters on each campaign, with the promise that they won't publish a word until after the election.

The results are always good. In fact, the compilation remains Trevor's favorite book about that election, for those of you who know my fellow politics-frenzied sidekick. Go check it out. Some of my favorite insights, incidentally, come from the Democratic primary. And I continue to swoon over the state of the Obama marriage. Seeking Madrid county woman

Such good stuff there, seriously. It's real, folks: Anxious, for some reason, to see more unapprecaited of voter turnout and slicing and dicing the vote. Anyone seen a good chart of voter turnout? Maybe I don't believe it yet. Maybe I want even more reasons to feel proud and happy and