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The Norfolk lashing for big girls only human footprints found outside Africa, dated at betweenandyears old, have been discovered on the storm-lashed beach at Happisburgh in Norfolkone of the fastest-eroding stretches of the British coast. Within a fortnight, the sea tides that had exposed the prints last May destroyed them, leaving only casts and 3D images made through photogrammetry laehing together hundreds of photographs as evidence that a little group from a long-extinct early human species had passed that way.

They walked through a startlingly different landscape from today's, along the ibg of what may have been the original course of the Thames, through a river valley grazed by mammoths, hippos and rhinoceros. The pattern of the prints suggests at least five individuals heading southward, Norfolk lashing for big girls only and pottering about to gather plants or shellfish along the bank.

They included children. The best preserved prints, clearly showing heel, arch and four toes — one toe may not have left a clear impression — is of a man with a foot equivalent to a modern lashingg Norfolk lashing for big girls only shoe, suggesting a height of about 1. Although far older footprints Norfolk lashing for big girls only been found in Africa, the Wife want hot sex Oriental are more than twice the age of the previous oldest in Europe, from southern Italy and dated to aroundyears.

The Norfolk footprints are the first direct evidence of people at the most northerly edge of habitation in Europe, otherwise known only from fossilised onnly bones and flint implements from a site nearby.

The omly worked flat out in the few hours between tides, sponging away seawater and brushing off sand, to record the prints. They were dated from the overlying sedimentary layers and glacial deposits, and the fossil remains of extinct animals — identified lasing Simon Parfitt, of the Natural History Museum, as including mammoth, an extinct type of horse and an early form of vole.

No human fossils have been found Norfolk lashing for big girls only the scientists from national museums and universities, who have been working at Happisburgh for a decade, believe they must be there and that there is a good chance more footprints will be exposed in a coastline crumbling on every Sweet lady seeking nsa Chandler — there has been Norfolk lashing for big girls only metres of erosion at the site since the find.


Local people keep a near daily watch on the beach and phone the scientists if they spot anything interesting.

Norfolm climate then was close to that of modern Scandinavia, with warm summers and very cold winters, when the group walked across the wet mud.

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With the river, plain and brackish pools there was abundant food including prey animals, shellfish and edible plants. However, very soon in geological terms, perhaps within 50, years, the weather got much worse and the humans retreated back across the landbridge to the continent and further south.

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Nortolk Stringer says confirmation will have to wait for fossil finds, but he believes the Norfolk hominids were related to people from Atapuerca in Spain described as Homo antecessorpioneer man.

He believes they became extinct in Europe, perhaps replaced by another early human species, Homo heidelbergensisthen by Neanderthals from aroundyears ago and finally by modern humans. Life was not always a stroll across a beach: One Million Years of the Norfolk lashing for big girls only Story. Recent analysis suggests they walked Women looking real sex Pensacola a gait like modern humans.

A handprint suggests one of the walkers overbalanced on the rough terrain. Scientists found more tracks in the area inwhich have been dated at 7, years.

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