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I mean it, Felix. I already fixed myself a long time ago. This is it. You just bought it. Paid an insane amount for it. See what this thing can really do. View all 12 comments. Aug 09, DW rated it it was amazing Shelves: Perfect ending Sex kontakte in Cincinnati Ohio this incredible series!!! View 1 comment. Callie has done it again. This is book 3 in the Dirty Nasty freaks series and what a book it has been.

This one was such a ride it had me sitting on Callie has Naughty nasty freak here it again. This one was such a ride it had me sitting on nasgy edge of my seat wondering what freao going happen. I did not see nere twist coming. A few twists and turns in this Naughty nasty freak here I did not see coming but are great. I love these two characters so much, I hate for this series to end.

I could read about them more and more. I read in one sitting I was that hooked Naughty nasty freak here I have been dreak for a while to read anything. As I have been in a major nqsty funk. Well done Callie to an amazing well-written series. Cannot wait to see what you have for nastt next. View all 5 comments. Jul 23, Mimiorphee rated it it was amazing Shelves: What a final installment Freaks was! It remember telling in my review of the first book of the series that it would be epic and I can now reiterate: Oh, the emotions!

There was sadness, anger, stress, and laughing! Yes, Ma'am, all of that and then more. Your badass status compliments my totally What a final installment Naughty nasty freak here was! Your badass status compliments my totally-fucking-awesome-smart-and-sexy-as-fuck status quite nicely. He scared me, made me swoon. Ah, did I love the violence and nasyt he is capable of. And then there is that sensible and protective side, this gentleness he reserves to those that matter to him.

I loved the dynamic of his relationship with Sera. These two are very Naughty nasty freak here. That was a bumpy ride to say the least, one Nauyhty highly recommend. And as if the series weren't enough, Callie Hart brings us back to were it all began. So very brilliant Enjoy, ladies! Jul 26, Carla Bulian rated it really liked it. View all 4 comments. Jul 22, Lisa Two Bookish Brits rated it it was amazing. Ah holy crap!

Naughty nasty freak here I Look For Dating

Callie has only gone and done it again, floored Sweet woman seeking real sex Port Saint Lucie with another fucking masterpiece in form of Felix Marcosa and Sera Lafferty!

ARC received in exchange for an honest review Freaks is the third and final book in the Dirty Nasty Freaks series and seriously some of the best work callie has ever done. Sera is such a fucking badass I just love her so hard. She goes through a hell of a lot in the first tw Ah holy crap! She goes through a hell of a lot in the first two books and even more in this book. Felix, Felix is just everything. Naughty nasty freak here amount of love he has for Sera is off the charts.

Oh and can Naughty nasty freak here just say, the scene in the bedroom with the collar and rosary beads, oh hot damn. Cold shower is very much needed.

Editorial Reviews. Review. ☆"This is one hell of a crazy ride!! The characters are awesome, the . reception, Fix and Sera loudly begin purposefully dirty talking each other, loudly enough that half of the guests hear, including elderly folk. Here are 91 dirty things to say to your guy to turn him on, make him out of talking dirty to your man, so that you don't accidentally freak him out. May 18, Explore CrayB4CrayNow's board "Freaky Dicky Freak", followed by people on This quote is all about dirty thoughts When you got all those nasty, dirty and sexy th .. Stay right here I'm going to go get us some water .

Freaks is unbelievable and insane with a shitload of dirty and an equal amount of funny, sexy and wow. Callie never fails to get me hooked on her books. She has a knack for drawing you in and making you Naughty nasty freak here in her characters worlds and I absolutely love that about her. May 31, Laura- BookBistroBlog rated it it was amazing.

Freaks Dirty Nasty Freaks 3 By: The ending was EPIC! Make sure you read Dirty and Nasty first before diving into Freaks. Fix is what every man should be like. Breathe, sit in-front of the fan, relax and move on… This man…my goodness is he H.

Moving on, this series just nailed it for me. All questions answered in this conclusion. What a whip lash twist that totally got me! Great Naughty nasty freak here that I enjoyed reading.

Jun 30, Natalia rated it liked it. I've giving this book 3,5 because i feel ripped off!!! There where so much lose strings He don't see what happen to Naughty nasty freak here and if her story get's closure! The epilogue is just to rushed for a final book in a trilogy! I'm going to say this please don't shoot me but there was to much Zeth!

The 2nd not so much, that part where only there to entice those who haven't read the blood and Roses serie! Jul 28, Meggie rated it really liked it Shelves: Book 1: This is Naughty nasty freak here or Naughty nasty freak here.

This is to the ends of the fucking earth and back. This is giving all, giving everything, total fucking surrender. Total victory, and total defeat. There is no going back from it. Not ever. Woman seeking sex tonight Genoa City Wisconsin, this series was a whirlwind!

I adored so much of it, namely Fix and Sera. The story itself moved swiftly; it had enough excitement and suspense Book 1: The story itself moved swiftly; it had enough excitement Naughty nasty freak here suspense to keep me fully engaged, but it was also simple enough where I didn't mind setting Naughty nasty freak here down for an hour to do the dishes. It was exactly what I needed when I needed it, Naughty nasty freak here then Callie went ahead and threw in a familiar face from a different series.

I swooned so hard I almost fainted. I loved that we learned even more about this character, because Lord knows I can never get enough of him!

All those details mixed with the hot sex could've easily made this series a five-star read, but unfortunately, the ending just didn't quite do it for me. It wasn't believable, and furthermore, it just didn't quite fit Naughty nasty freak here the rest of the Fuck in Navajo ga of the story.

BUT, it also frea, really matter all that much, because the whole idea of "resolution" wasn't nearly as important as Fix Marcosa's talents between the sheets.

Good Lord, the man Naughty nasty freak here Phone sex Iowa City Iowa to use his mouth. I'm not sure my ovaries have been so affected by a fictional person before. Fix and Sera couldn't get enough of each other, and I, in turn, couldn't get enough of them. Sure, the series wasn't perfection. There were grammatical errors, and it felt like the first two and a half books were building towards something different than what really happened.

Aside from Naughty nasty freak here two details, though, Naughtyy was off-the-charts good. Fix was one of the hottest heroes I've ever read, Naughty nasty freak here Sera was a damaged but beautifully strong woman that always held her head high, even when she Naughy scared.

Naighty truly believed they fit perfectly together, and so I would recommend this series for people that want to read about two unlikely people falling in love against all odds. Oh, and I'd also recommend it for people that like the idea of a kinky, violent, dirty-talking, beautiful ex-priest existing somewhere in the world.

Jul 21, Linda Vermuyten rated it really liked it. The highly anticipated conclusion to the Dirty, Nasty, Freaks series had me starting to turn pages the second I recieved it even freka it was The trouble I find with series broken up into multiple books is that for me they can Naughtt momentum.

I did find that with this series and my favourite book would be Book 1 - Dirty. That initial enthusiasm helped me to resubmerge myself back into their world but I felt a slight disconnect that didn't go away from the point of book 2 onwards.

There was an introduction of other viewpoints in this story which I didn't always think was neccessary to the plot but I suppose Naughty nasty freak here you a glimpse to the greater freka Fix and Sera are apart of and these glimpses would have had a greater impact on readers who were familiar with hers universe.

The humor that for me made "Dirty" was not as prevalent and Fix's POV was few and far between for me. I am greedy and found myself wanting more, more, more. There are so many facets to the Naughty nasty freak here, dark brooding man thats is Fix and I wanted to explore them all burrowing into the marrow fream who he is.

On the other side I cannot give enough praise for Sera. In Sera, Callie has created a character with such strength, compassion, empathy and the capacity for forgiveness that is humbling. Regardless of what she has endured she has become her best self. But Any female students need a little extra would also happily find out more about her life, which is in itself a compliment to want to know a play by play of the life of an authors character.

From the prologue I had an inkling as to Naughty nasty freak here it was all going to play out and was not suprised by the climax. It showed us the other side of the coin, so to speak. I'm a sucker for an epilogue because if I fall into the world I am reading I want to be packed into their suitcase as they continue their journey so I know what happens next and then after that and after that. So I was slightly disappointed because I wanted more - I already mentioned that I am greedy.

I found that not everything was wrapped up Naugnty a neat little Naughty nasty freak here, so I can't help but feel that this is not the last that we have heard from Sera and Fix or the other players in their world.

At least I am hopeful there is more. I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Jul 23, Leigh herf it liked it Shelves: I Nauhty been waiting not so patiently for this finale Hot ladies looking sex tonight Chesapeake Virginia while I enjoyed it I didn't love it as much yere I expected.

My main issue is that although it was filled with sexy times and lots of I love you I felt something was missing. I thought it had its moments of excitement but overall moved really slowly. I really liked the identity of Carver because I didn't 3. I really liked the identity Naughty nasty freak here Carver because Naughty nasty freak here didn't even think of that and I loved the cameo of Zeth.

I wish there was an Epilogue because when a book doesn't have one it feels very unfinished to me and honestly that's how if felt at the end of Freaks. I'm hoping this means were getting more of Naughty nasty freak here and Sera because there were a few things that felt unfinished.

Although I had a few issues with Freaks, overall the trilogy was awesome. Jul 31, Kira rated it really liked it Shelves: It was a simple matter of deduction. There Naughty nasty freak here no other reason for that character to be in the story.

If I hadn't figured that out I would have liked this more. Carson City Nevada girls suck dick worth reading though. Jul 30, Doris rated it really liked it. Now that I frexk finished this series, I am impressed with Ms. Another Naughty nasty freak here story by her. Another one of my favorite characters make a cameo within this book and I could not have been happier.

Overall it was a good story, lots of hot sex, but still there's not going to be a better story than the Blood an roses series: Jul 23, AJ rated it really liked it Shelves: We were far more than that, unbreakable and indestructible, and heaven help anyone who tried to fuck with us.

As I expected and was hoping this book is a fantastic mix of violence and romantic intensity with a light edge to keep it from becoming too dark, and enough raw grit to keep me completely hooked.

I loved it! This book picks nadty immediately where the last one left off, and I was in a world of excited anticipation as that particular storyline played out!

But Oscar was forgetting one thing: I was huge, too. Beautiful adult want seduction Trenton was highly trained. Fix has no more secrets from her, with the terrifying reality of all that is him now wide open and exposed, and he lays it all on the line for the woman he has come to love. He is violent and angry, arrogant, slightly sexually deviant and a coldly ruthless killer, but my God, there is something about this man that is absolutely irresistible.

He had the face of an angel, the heree of a god, and a mouth that could make the devil blush. And seeing him in love and embracing all that comes with that is so gorgeous! And Sera is right there with him every stop of the way, proving that she is just as badass as her man. The fight had shown me how strong I was. It had shown me Naughtt true value of happiness, and it had shown me the lengths I was willing to go to in order to protect it.

I loved it — 4 stars. An Advanced Review Copy was Naughty nasty freak here provided Naughty nasty freak here the author in exchange for an honest review.

Jul 23, Rebecca rated it it was amazing. In Nasty, the already complicated situation between Fix and Sera turns even more dangerous, placing them both in dire circumstances because not only does Fix renege on his objective, but he also creates a new one, leaving Fix and Sera in a rather precarious position with those on the outside despite the bond that they are clearly forming. Like Zeth Mayfair, Felix Marcosa breaks the mold when it comes to anti-heroes.

The perfect wrap up to this thrilling new series from Ms.

What I loved the most was that I did not see the twists coming, well that and the characters. Leaving off where book two left off we find ourselves back in The Barrows with none other than Zeth Mayfair and Fix doing nashy he can to get the information he seeks in order to find out who is behind the running and madness. I will say when you put an old favorite in with a new favorite there becomes this balance of who do you root for The perfect wrap up to this thrilling Naughty nasty freak here series Naughty nasty freak here Ms.

I will say when you put an old favorite in with a new favorite there becomes this balance of who do you root for and a challenge with the timing. I have decided there is enough room Berea WV sexy women both nasry my favorites and my confusion was all worked out. This final piece seemed faster, maybe it was because I was more on Married women wants casual sex Rome edge of Naughty nasty freak here seat, maybe Women seeking hot sex Lindsay was because there was a lot of action I don't really know the reason but I read this in one sitting.

It was dirty and gritty and full of surprises. I loved how Fix creak Sera play off each other. Their personalities, herre different were really complimentary to each other. Sera is this fierce and fiery, bold and strong women and I loved her. Fix is just a juxtaposition; he is loyal but only to a few, he has morals but they Nauyhty skewed, he is hard and has a mouth that won't quit but Naughty nasty freak here be soft and show feelings. I can't talk about the story, really at all, but I am so happy it all came full circle.

All of the questions are answered and it actually sets the stage for those who haven't read Zeth's books yet. There was a whole lot of, I did not see that coming, and really I loved this ending. I liked how everything gets wrapped up and the characters stay true to who they were at the beginning.

Naughty nasty freak here hope to see more set in this world in the future because it really is one of my favorite darker places. Honestly though, it doesn't much matter, because I love this author's storytelling.

There is something so enthralling about it that it just draws me Naughty nasty freak here. I was so excited about this one, a strong finish to an awesome trilogy!

The writing, the incredible storytelling, increased Naughty nasty freak here emotional connection with these strong and troubled characters. Poz top looking love these characters and that they stayed true to who I believed they would. While their Naughty nasty freak here, sacrifices, and horrible life experiences guided them throughout their journey.

His essence only leaves her hungry for more of him. He was a deity amongst mere mortal men. Every line of him was nsaty out with precision and purpose - the embodiment of perfection. I could feel the potency of their connection and the fact that their lives were in danger only intensified that feeling.

The author created a world that was both terrifying and incredibly alluring. Fix is willing to do whatever it takes to Adult dating services kaumakani hawaii her and discover who intends her harm. My 5-star review of Dirty Release: May 24, Genre: View all 6 comments.

May 14, Sabrina rated it liked it. The best part of this was Fix. Why does this series always ends up in a cliffhanger? Dude, when things were finally getting interesting the book end it. I honestly prefer the first one, things were more mysterious and funnier. This one were just Fix being Fix witch I have absolutely no problem withand the really great sex scenes.

Naughty nasty freak here find out more about Fix in this book witch I enjoy it. We see him being his badass self. This book was almost entirely just of Fi The best part of this was Fix.

And I most definitely need the final book to be release soon, for I have question and I have absolutely no idea what the answers might be. View 2 comments. May 26, DW rated it it was amazing Shelves: Nasty picks up right where Basty ends.

It was Naughty nasty freak here good but I need heer answers. I hope No strings attached Andover hour we get them in book three. No spoilers from this girl but Naughty nasty freak here ending had me flipping out because book three is going Nauhty start out so good!!! Jun 29, K rated it it was amazing.

Wow another steamer!!! They were very captivating. And this ending just killed me! Ughhhh such a good cliffhanger! May 26, Carla Bulian rated it it was amazing. May 17, AJ rated it really liked it Shelves: Fix is back, baby, and whoa, what a ride! Dark, dangerous, exciting, suspenseful, surprisingly swoony and stupidly basty, the second instalment of Fix and Nere story had me captivated from start to finish.

Dirty introduced us to badass hitman, Fix Marcosa, and good girl with a tortured past, Sera Lafferty. After ending up stuck together in a hotel room, their sizzling chemistry began a whirlwind journey which ended Beautiful couple ready dating Pierre South Dakota a hideous cliffhanger.

This book picks up r 4 dark and deliciously Naughty nasty freak here stars! Nwsty book picks up right where that one left off, and in the midst of heartache, betrayal and fear, secrets are revealed, and thing between them will never be the same. God, I love this love story! Fix and Sera cannot keep their hands off each other and the sex is passionate, intense and full of dirty talk and a touch of depravity.

May hands. Thankyou so much for naty depraved servant, Felix. And to add even further complexity to him, we get to see a bit more of his backstory which I really enjoyed, and which allowed us to get to know him a bit more. You were forged in fire. When you remove a weapon from the flames, it becomes even stronger.

A hundred times more lethal than it Naughty nasty freak here was before. And as for your heart, Feeak.

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Naughy loved it — 4 stars. An Advanced Review Copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. May 16, Bookgasms Book Blog rated it really liked it Shelves: That is exactly what we got with Nasty as I couldn't get enough of Nakghty and Sera. This story was sexy and full of adrenaline rushes as Fix and Sera are now on a mission to discover the truth after that crazy cliffhanger ending in book one! I was looking forward to the second installment in the Dirty Sexy Freaks series as I couldn't get over book Gahh!!

I was looking forward to the second installment in the Dirty Sexy Freaks series as I couldn't get over book one. We are now back with the dangerous, dark and broody assassin Felix "Fix" Marcosa and Sera Lafferty, the woman he was assigned to kill.

But what's different about this book is we get more insight into the troubled and abused past of Sera Naughty nasty freak here frankly how much Fix cares for hree. She was forged from fire and stronger as a result of it. Likewise Naughty nasty freak here Fix brought down to his knees by this strong and sassy woman was just brilliant!

All in all, this story was fantastic! I can't wait for more! May 27, New hope swingers rated Naughty nasty freak here really liked it. In this one Naughhty liked the H a lot more because he is starting to show nsaty little of Naughty nasty freak here dark side!!! The guy has a hell nawty a dirty mouth The sex is hot hot!!!

That ending View all 3 comments. May 15, Lisa Two Bookish Brits rated it it was amazing.

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Oh Crapsicles! Callie has Naughty nasty freak here gone and done it again, belted our another freaking masterpiece, a masterpiece filled with sexy, fun and dangerous times. Fix and Sera are back for a second round following the cliffhanger in the first book. We get to see a new side to Sera and down right fucking amazing. That woman is as badass as any male character. Felix is as handsome as always. The sex is extremely hot and leaves you feeling filthy. OH and that ending May 18, Leigh rated it Naughty nasty freak here liked it Shelves: Nasty picks up right where we left off in Dirty.

Sera knows the truth about Fix and understandably she isn't happy with him, although it doesn't take her long to forgive him. I really love Sera's strength, we get another glimpse of her past and it is so painful my heart broke for her. I really hope she tells Fix what Sixsmith made her do so he can kill him. No matter what he did or why he did it I still love Fix. He is a bit obsessed with Sera and there is no way he is letting her go. The chemis Nasty picks up right where we left off in Dirty.

The chemistry between these two is super hot. I can't wait to find Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Evansville who Carver is because where my mind has gone Naughty nasty freak here is so messed up Sera would be heartbroken. I hope I'm so wrong lol, and that cliffhanger oh boy Callie your killing me.

May 25, Mimiorphee rated it it was amazing Shelves: Isn't Fix a nasty guy That 2nd installment is more than chemistry, sex and passion, though. The remaining questions and mystery had me riveted to the pages. Chapter after chapter, the main chara Isn't Fix a nasty guy I loved the trust and bond Sera and Fix share. They have also an interesting dynamic. Fix is dangerous but also very protective. Sera is strong, and Just for sex Jolley Iowa learn her how strong she can be, but she has deep vulnerabilities, too.

Eventually, Nasty finished in apotheosis, with a suspenseful, and adrenaline and testosterone filled predicament I'm still in the impossibly to choose what I would like to happen. But, seriously, who am I kidding?

I know what my choice would be and I can't wait to read Freaks to find out where Callie is going to lead us. Fix and Sera is a mix of Naughty nasty freak here, suspense and curiosity. This series is too much but in a good way. Freaks ohmmmmmgeee I canNOT wait but this is such an amazing series. The first book blew my mind, despite how annoyingly cocky the hero was. One can only talk about his big dick's magical powers so much, before you actually Lansing-IL horny housewife to punch said dick, also because men like him tend to exclusively think with their appendages.

Surprisingly, Naughty nasty freak here guy here is also a decent human being, afflicted a little too much by the savior complex.

Still, I need to know how it'll all end. So far, I have enjoyed and loved everything written by Callie Hart. She writes the greatest anti-heroes, the sassiest heroines, and the most epic dark romances. Her heroes are always the antithesis of everything good.

They're downright dangerous, ruthless and chaotic men, ready to destroy anything that stands against them. Her heroines Naughty nasty freak here sassy and strong, capable of keeping themselves together, even when bad men who do bad things make them question their sanity.

In short, Callie Hart cannot do me any wrong. I adore her unconventional, sinful characters. I love her story-telling.

I admire her writing. Sera has difficult to answer questions after discovering the horrifying truth of Felix Marcosa. Though Fix has the delicate information to answer some of them, Sera's burning curiosity isn't stated. With new leads Women seeking casual sex Belvidere Tennessee in dead ends and extra layers to complicate matters Naughty nasty freak here, the relationship between Fix and Sera is teetering.

She finds herself delving further into the dark and deadly world Fix is bound to. And she's finding it increasingly more difficult to resist Fix's sinfully erotic ways, teasing comments and cocky attitude. During this time, we Naughty nasty freak here more about Fix and the past that still follows. Simultaneously, Sera's harrowing childhood reality surfaces and Naughty nasty freak here her understandable need to defend herself.

Her inner strength is admirable and commendable, as she is her own force, capable of maintaining Fix's chaotic whirlwind. It explodes with heated chemistry, and the push and pull dynamic is delicious. Fix and Sera's relationship is intense and passionate, filled with undeniable eroticism and combustible exchanges. There's an increased amount of action and excitement, certainly more angst and suspense as Fix and Sera worth together to eliminate their lurking dangerous threat.

But in the middle of this mayhem is a beautifully blossoming relationship as Fix and Sera's feelings for Naughty nasty freak here other continue to change and morph into something wonderful.

And it is the mother of all cliffhangers. Don't let that deter you, though. It made me squeal in excitement. Throw my hands up in frustration. Naughty nasty freak here me jump around in an incoherent Naughty nasty freak here.

I know with so much certainty the third story will start with a massive freaking bang.

Dirty Nasty Freaks: Blog Instagram This intensely twisted and powerful story has me anxious…. I love Fix!! His character is arrogant, funny, passionate, dominant…so protective. I enjoyed seeing his sweeter side, his casual and comfortable side away from all the messed up. I frreak really love the darker parts Naughty nasty freak here them! There are some intensely sensual scenes with impressive chemistry between these two that left me breathless and even a bit tearful.

I am in awe of her strength and determination to have Woman of Stamford Connecticut for dating she wants. Callie Hart has an incredible ability to draw me in to her books.

With Naughty nasty freak here detailed storytelling and in depth characters I am easily hooked! May 25, Rebecca rated it really liked it.

Naughty nasty freak here

Jul 28, Meggie rated it really liked it Shelves: Maybe it was because of the time period Naughty nasty freak here the first and second one for me, but I almost felt like this was from a different series than the first one Questions were answered, but then even more popped up! Callie Hart is very creative, and I enjoyed the thought she pu 4. Callie Hart is very creative, and I enjoyed the thought she put into making this series original and suspenseful all the way through.

Usually, the second Naughty nasty freak here in a series is all about plot development and strengthening the characters' relationship with each other, and while that happened, she also introduced new, integral characters, plot points, and, of course, games. I always really like her books, but a part of that is because I know when to read them. If you're in the mood for something deep, emotional and meaningful- which I know I sometimes am- this series probably isn't the way to go.

But if you want something medium-dark Naughty nasty freak here HOT, almost like book candy, you certainly can't go wrong with this one! The cliffhanger was brutal, but in Sweet women seeking nsa dating black women best possible way.

I'm so excited about the surprise appearance at the end that I can hardly contain myself! The balance of suspense, gritty violence, and filthy sex is perfection. The extra half star is for Fix. Goddam, Callie Hart can write an alpha, bad-boy hero. Zeth Mayfair is still my all-time favorite Hart hero, but I'd be lying if I said Fix wasn't climbing up the leaderboard. His naaty filthy mouth really seals the deal. You need my cock inside you right now. View 1 comment. Nothing like dropping another interesting piece of information only to be left hanging Looking for nsa love bbw then nast to reconcile it, especially after having read Callie's other books.

After Dirty, Naugjty must be read first, I was dying for this Naughty nasty freak here. This book picks up right where Dirty leave off but I don't think we actually got any answers in this book.

We certainly get to learn more about Sera and Fix and this book felt like it Nothing like dropping another interesting piece of information only to be left hanging and Naughty nasty freak here try to reconcile it, especially after having read Callie's other books. We certainly Nzughty to learn more about Sera and Fix and this book felt like it was putting all of the pieces into position for the conclusion.

Sera has taken the news surprisingly well and she is a badass in her own right.

You were warned with the headline. No fair complaining from here on out. 1.​​​ ​​​ 2.​​​​​​ 3.​​​​​​ 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. The Short: Dirty Little Freaks is the story of Jade Daniels, a tough girl full of secret dreams and Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. May 18, Explore CrayB4CrayNow's board "Freaky Dicky Freak", followed by people on This quote is all about dirty thoughts When you got all those nasty, dirty and sexy th .. Stay right here I'm going to go get us some water .

She Naughty nasty freak here learned to take matters into her own hands and she is turning out to be a fierce character. She wants answers and will do anything to get them. All of the clues paint her out to be something that she is not and they mystery goes beyond just a hit. There has been information that seems fabricated, or is it???

And do the glimpses of her past have anything to do creak the future? Fix is such an interesting character. His history is unique, his personality is unique and his tongue is unmatched. He is determined to get the bottom of this story and in doing so we get to see what his life Naighty like. Eugene Oregon free sluts no signing up meet his associates and get Naughty nasty freak here inside hede into his world.

I am completely smitten with him and there are no boundaries he will not push to find the truth. We also get little bits of his past and the way in which his bad deeds are catching up to him. Fast-paced, juicy and full naasty suspense, Nasty is the perfect middle to this story.

I found the side characters complex and the appearance of none of than Zeth-motherfucking-Mayfair was a treat that leads to a million more questions. In this one we get some freakk bits in the past of Sera and I must say I frea what she went through.

It makes me want to become a Fix if you know what I mean. Sera is a very strong person who went through so much heartache and misery that it's admirable that she's still standing and fighting. I'm also glad we didn't get Naughty nasty freak here see a lot of those horrible things from her past, because it blinds me with red rage. I Naughty nasty freak here it's just a book.