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Master seeks worthy submissive to train

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An Honor Present is used woethy greet a Leather Master or guest who might be embarrassed if the submissive waits for an order to continue. Standing Present The Standing Present calls for the submissive to stand with legs shoulder width apart, hands behind the back, each hand grasping the opposite.

This is used in private or in public lifestyle events as the default attending position. Public Present The Public Present uses the same overall posture as Standing Present, except that the zubmissive are positioned in a manner that lets anyone behind the submissive see the Master seeks worthy submissive to train palms held crossed behind the small of the submissives back, similar to a trqin parade rest.

Waiting for Recognition The submissive must continue with the submissibe ritual until Sir recognizes the submissives presence by a word, look or gesture. Coming Present Before Beginning an Evening When Master seeks worthy submissive to train and the submissive are prepared to begin their evening together, the submissive Master seeks worthy submissive to train come to a Full Present position in front of Sir.

She will remain in the Full Present position as she offers her collar in both hands, palms up and open, at her eye level. Sir will take the collar from the submissive, and she will return to the standard Full Present position as Sir places the collar around trxin neck. A tap on the submissives shoulder will indicate that Sir has finished buckling the collar, at which time the tarin will kiss each of Sirs boots, then rise for a kiss on the lips given by Sir.

Expressing Dissatisfaction Should Master seeks worthy submissive to train submissive feel the need to express discomfort, hurt feelings, or the sense of tl overtaxed in some way, the submissive is instructed to communicate those sentiments in an appropriate manner as soon as they are recognized. For our relationship to work, it must be fulfilling for both parties. Its important that the submissive communicate appropriately any Casual Dating Newburg North Dakota in an open Wives seeking nsa Independence honest way.

Oral Communication The submissive will address Sir as such at all times. This protocol is Women looking casual sex Hookerton to be followed, except in special circumstances. Should the submissive telephone Sir and reach voice mail, the submissive wothy leave a detailed message for the reason for the call.

Sir will endeavor to return the call as soon as he is available. Wortuy Communication The submissive will open all written communications to Sir with Sir.

Normal modes of reference and capitalization are to be used throughout the message. However, the submissive will always close with her name in lower case.

All emails, whether from Women want casual sex Nolensville Tennessee or any other lifestyler, are to be replied to within 24 hours.

Accessibility The submissive will be accessible by phone at all times. The submissive will leave the cell phone turned on at all times.

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The submissive is to Master seeks worthy submissive to train sure the cell phone is within hearing distance even in the submissives home. Behavior in Public This set of protocols establishes a way of being in the world both for Sir and the submissive.

Standing Any time the Master seeks worthy submissive to train is in low or high protocol at a lifestyle event with Sir, the submissive will assume the on point position. That is the submissive will maintain Public Present position slightly behind Sirs right shoulder. So long as Sir is standing, the submissive will remain standing in that physical location.

If Sir wishes Master seeks worthy submissive to train submissive to come around to a position facing him, he will either instruct the submissive to move into his range of vision or use silent hand signals to cause the submissive to change positions.

Sitting The submissive may sit on furniture Masted high protocol is invoked, in which case the submissive will not sit on any furniture without a direct and specific order by Sir. However, if we Wife seeking nsa IA Monticello 52310 in a Master seeks worthy submissive to train setting and there are insufficient chairs for all the Doms or Masters, the submissive is to curl up at Sirs feet. Walking Any time the submissive is in low or high protocol at a lifestyle event with Sir, Mastet submissive Free sex woman queen wanted walk in an on point position.

That is the submissive will walk to the right and about one step behind Sir. The submissive is to assume a position that is natural, yet reflects our respective rank. Eating Sir will seat the submissive at the table; under no circumstances will the submissive take a seat unless Sir has directed this action.

Once Sir is seated, the submissive will wait tarin Sir removes his napkin and places it on his lap before doing the same.

The submissive will not eat a morsel of food from any course of the meal until Sir has first taken a bite. Use of Furniture When together with Sir, in our homes in private, the submissive is permitted to use furniture, unless directed not to. When attending an event in High Protocol the submissive will not use furniture, unless specifically directed to do so. Doors submisssive Elevators The submissive will open doors and elevators then stand aside of Sir to pass through; the submissive follows.

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In the case of elevators, the submissive will enter after all others and then press the elevator buttons for Sir, as needed. The submissive will remain in the elevator, holding the door until Sir has exited. In the case of door configurations where there is an outer and inner door, the submissive will open the aubmissive door to let Sir pass, wogthy enter and, as Sir waits, open the second door. Should Sir be walking with another Dom or Master, Sir will open the second door to let the guest enter, then turn the second door over to the submissive to hold while Sir enters.

The submissive will Master seeks worthy submissive to train follow behind. Should a third person be present, the slave will enter after Sir and turn any Dixfield ME sexy women door holding duties over to the traain. Driving If Sir is driving, Master seeks worthy submissive to train will open the door for the submissive to enter and exit the passenger side of the car.

In those instances when the worrhy drives, she will open the passenger side door for Sir.

State of Submissives Residence and Automobile The entire house will be tidy, with particular attention to the kitchen and bedroom. Nothing will be found on any surface other than what may be necessary for preparing for an evening meal or drinks.

The bed will be made with fresh linen. The bathroom will be clean and uncluttered. The submissive is to keep the interior of her car as clean as possible and aorthy outside Master seeks worthy submissive to train her car is to be washed on a weekly basis.

At dubmissive time will Sir enter the submissives car if there is clutter in any of the passenger compartments. Agreements For things that matter, Sir operates in the world of structured agreements. Agreements have worhy components: The modification Mqster any aspect of an agreement must be Maxter before the agreement is accepted, or as soon as the need for modification becomes apparent. If the submissive has made an agreement and something comes up that makes it impossible to fulfill the agreement on time or in the way agreed upon, the submissive will contact Sir and discuss the situation before the time period expires.

Failure to keep an agreement will carry consequences. Requests, Orders, and Instructions The submissive will attend particularly to instructions. An instruction is a command that Master seeks worthy submissive to train no interference. An instruction usually carries with it a requirement to report progress to Sir.

Consequences for failure frequently accompany an instruction. This is not all true for a request and seldom true for an order. A consequence involves a correction, not a punishment. Punishments are only deeks for contract violations, not for protocol violations. Here are worthg examples of Master seeks worthy submissive to train form: Please bring Eating white pussy some water. Id like you to be dressed and ready to be picked up at 7pm tomorrow night.

This is an instruction: At no time will I enter your car Master seeks worthy submissive to train there is clutter in any of the passenger compartments. Willful or Negligent Failure to Comply Submissige rare instances where the submissive acts in a willful or negligent manner will result in punishment, up to an including release from service.

No punishment will be undertaken when Worthyy is angry. Before administering punishment, the submissive will have the opportunity to fully explain Master seeks worthy submissive to train this failure occurred.

Sir will ask the submissive to recommend the form of punishment. Sir will listen to the submissives proposal and, after consideration, determine Master seeks worthy submissive to train correct course of punishment. Suubmissive will inform the submissive of his decision. Sir will use the minimum influence necessary to compel Rensselaer IN wife swapping submissives compliance with the policies and procedures the submissive previously agreed to.

Bearing in mind that Sir wishes the relationship to continue, there are no limits to the nature or extent of punishment that could be ordered as a result of the submissives act of willfulness or negligence, so submssive as no crime is committed battery, death. After punishment has been administered, Sir and sub will sit down and discuss changes that may be needed in the relationship to ensure that such a breach does not occur again.

The incident that gave rise submizsive the punishment will then be forgiven and not be spoken of again following the punishment debriefing. The slate is wiped clean. Protocol Review These policies and procedures will be reviewed and revised periodically, as Sir directs. Sir will consider a request for protocol review initiated by the submissive. While the submissive may suggest additions, deletions or modifications to any part of this Teen soaping sweet hairy pussy, such suggestions should be presented for Sirs consideration in a constructive and respectful manner.

Submissive Protocol Uploaded by King Karvo. Flag for inappropriate content.

Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Standing Present The Standing Present calls for the submissive to stand with legs shoulder width apart, hands behind the back, each hand grasping the Master seeks worthy submissive to train forearm. Documents Similar To Submissive Protocol. Hannelore Biddulph.

Vaughnie Vixen. Riaan O'Reilly. King Karvo. Erica Leigh Vance. Andrew Dolheguy. Isak Berkovitz. Muthana Al-Juborry. Denny Acevedo. Moglan Radu. Helena Howell.

Master seeks worthy submissive to train

More From King Karvo. Aditi Bhattacharya. Cantatrice Chauve. Popular in T. In these pages, I give the trainer sound methods to accomplish training his slave girl.

The core of Cape st Connecticut swingers training is an submiasive form albeit based on knowledge and skills, found in logic and reason. These pages are geared towards training slave girls and dominant men, but can be used to train slave boys and dominant Master seeks worthy submissive to train.

The roles are the same. As always I would suggest you talk to those already in the lifestyle for Maste and help. Find a local community and you will more than likely discover people with many years of Master seeks worthy submissive to train willing to help. In addition there are many websites and be sure to explore them just as you do this one.

Traain are many dating services you can use to find a possible mate. However, they are just like any other service and you need to use caution.

I used one but precautions must be taken. Simply talking to someone does not make you their dominant or submissive.

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Always meet for the first few times in public and remain in public. Learn more about them before agreeing to start the bdsm relationship. Go gradual. Think safety first. The lifestyle is not a place to practice domestic abuse or violence but you might find some predators on any dating service. They try to use the lifestyle to find someone to abuse. Be aware. She should know where you are meeting and how long you will be there with him.

Find out basic information about him that can be given to the police before meeting. If he meets you in a vehicle then get is tag Master seeks worthy submissive to train and call it in to your safe call person. You can also ask to view a drivers license and give that information to the safe call person as well.

As in all forms of meeting dating partners, some use the lifestyle as an avenue to find victims. Be safe, not sorry. Ask for references and some personal information, before meeting. There are Masters that enjoy edge play, and you need to understand all the diversities of the lifestyle. Set your limits for training and expect them to be followed.

I know you are eager but your safety comes first. This is done by mutual agreement. These can be seen at any public dungeon in the U. Local training is also available Master seeks worthy submissive to train most areas. You need a dominant personality, good character she can trust and a few foundations skills. A master must know what he wants and be realistic. These pages will help with the foundations.

This website deals with training a slave to serve for life. This is not a weekend sport for most slave girls; it is their core. It is often a dramatic transformation and one that at times may leave her very non-verbal. This state of deep submission is sometimes referred to as subspace. It is the place where she wants to be and the deeper you can take her, the more intense everything becomes for her. You can make it easier for her to go into subspace by the use Master seeks worthy submissive to train ritual.

Keeping a certain formality and pattern when leading her into a scene makes it easy for her to recall past events and more easily slip back into a previous deep submissive state. Building her anticipation for an event is a wonderful way to give her time to get into her submissive head space.

It lets her imagination come into play and builds up her sexual arousal, as she tries to envision what you have in mind for her. Try telling her firmly to be in your study at a certain time, without saying why. Or, in great detail, tell her exactly what will happen to her at Master seeks worthy submissive to train point Master seeks worthy submissive to train the near future then forbid her to mention it.

See how this works? There are an almost infinite number of ways to make her feel submissive. Position and symbolism play a great part. Perhaps the most effective is to Free sex date in Izacic Grad her in a collar.

A collar is a very powerful symbol of ownership, Master seeks worthy submissive to train and commitment, and should be treated with great respect. When she wears your collar she is telling you that she is yours completely and will try as hard as she can to please you in whatever you may ask of her. It will always be in her mind that she wears her collar for you.

Having her assume certain standard slave positions is a way to both signal her that you are now moving into a more formal role with each other, and also allow her to quickly enter a submissive state of mind.

I like to enhance her state of submission by the use of a unique perfume. Have her wear it each Master seeks worthy submissive to train you have a special scene with her. In this way, the scent becomes identified with her submission and the next time she smells it, she will be more easily transported back into the depths that she had reached during your previous scenes.

Master seeks worthy submissive to train attention to detail is important. Beyond that, it has several other purposes. Not only does it focus her attention on Any ladies offering a quickie tonight, but it lets her everyday thoughts and stresses in her life fall away, and this is a wonderful escape for her. As her Master, you want to give her tasks that draw out her submission and, if she does allow herself to be distracted, her attention needs to be brought back to you with a few quick swats.

This also allows her to feel that she has your attention as much as she has yours. If her parents Hot housewives seeking hot sex Greater Napanee Ontario inconsistently with her, it can often create the longing to know where she stands in relation to them and what is expected from her.

Never knowing what is acceptable and what is not can be a very confusing situation for a child. By giving your sub very clear Master seeks worthy submissive to train and rules on her behavior, you are now creating an environment for her where she can relax and be secure in the knowledge of what is expected of her and how she can best please you. Setting rules and limits for your slavegirl is extremely important, for it is within these boundaries she feels most cared for.

As part of her feeling secure within the relationship, she needs — even unconsciously — to test her limits. This is an extremely important point. If she breaks a rule and you let it slide without bringing it to her attention, you are not allowing her to feel safe within your care. This testing process is something that Master seeks worthy submissive to train really stops, though at first she will feel the need to test you often until she learns that you will follow through.

The sooner you do that, the quicker she will feel the reality of your concern for her. A submissive woman wants a strong Master, one who sets guidelines on her behavior that are for her own good and then who has the strength and authority to be sure they are followed.

Inconsistency on your part is see by her as a sign of weakness, and she cannot feel submissive to a weak man. Remember that her greatest desire is to feel that she has lost control to you and must do as she is told. If she does not do exactly as instructed she wants to know there will be a consequence, for if there is not, she will not feel your control of her is real. The kinds of rules and limits you set for your slavegirl depend on your wishes and Master seeks worthy submissive to train as to what you feel is best for her, taking into great consideration her goals for herself.

I would suggest that in the beginning, the fewer rules you have for her, the better. This way Master seeks worthy submissive to train can be very clear on what is expected of her and it will make it easier for you to enforce them.

Sit down with her and discuss the rules you feel she needs. Household chores are a good starting point. Make a list of daily chores for her and see that they are done — such as making the bed, putting all kitchen dishes away, etc.

Hold frequent inspections. I like to feel like the man has control in many ways. Not in my work life, or who I can talk to and such, but in our personal relationship. Little things like what I am to wear when with him… or certain behaviors I am supposed to follow… my Dom used to have me kneel as soon as we were alone together, and riding in the car I was to always have my skirt hiked up. It is very thrilling for your sub to know she is subject to your discipline.

She wants rules and limits set for her and knows that there will be consequences for not obeying them. If there are no consequence Senior lonely ready swinger moms she cannot feel the control that she longs for. Accepting a spanking where the focus is on correcting her behavior, rather than for her own pleasure, is proof of her submission to you. It makes your control of her very real.

There is a big distinction between a spanking given for the pure enjoyment of it and one given as punishment. Some submissive women would never want a spanking they thought was given as a punishment. However, there Master seeks worthy submissive to train some submissive women who love to be spanked as a punishment and there are several reasons for this.

We all grew up knowing that spankings were given as a punishment and though now as adults we find them pleasurable, the connection between spankings and punishment still remains and can be a very Wanteda hairy woman erotic trigger for the sub.

If she started having spanking fantasies at a young age when having your bottom paddled and Master seeks worthy submissive to train punished are one in the same, they will often revolve around the idea of being punished for some reason, whether real or imagined. Pleasure Spankings and Erotic Pain.

I am now talking about the desire to strive to improve, to make an effort to do the best job possible, Master seeks worthy submissive to train as Mxster know, that takes a great deal of energy. She knows what she is capable of achieving and wants help in making it a reality.

To me, this is one of the most positive aspects of spankings treated as a punishment. As her Master, your responsibility is to take care of her and to see trqin does what is best for her. seeis

You need to work with her to be sure her rules and limits are for her own benefit and help her to meet her own personal goals. In this way, your discipline of her is another way you can Master seeks worthy submissive to train her you love and care. Here is a quote from a woman who loves the thought of being punished for not meeting her own standards of behavior for herself:.

One of my fantasies is to have someone in my life just for the purpose of correcting my faults.

Master seeks worthy submissive to train

He would make me keep a list of all my misbehaviors. Being lazy at work, or late. Eating junk food, or not going to the gym. Being rude to people unnecessarily. I would Lady wants real sex Needham to keep a list, and once a Looking for sex in maryland. Swinging. he would come and read the list. Or more.

And he would make me describe each incident, he would lecture me about it, he would establish a separate punishment for each offense on the list.

Twelve swats of the paddle for this. Six strokes of the cane for that, you know. He would read them off the list in random order, call me out of the corner at any moment to take my next licking, send me back to Master seeks worthy submissive to train corner afterwards.

This is one of my favorite quotes Master seeks worthy submissive to train it so clearly illustrates the connection between behavior and its punishment. There is no doubt in her mind on why she is being punished, and she accepts her punishment knowing how much it will help her to improve her behavior in the future. For a sub, it is quite a luxury to have a disciplinarian in their life and to not have to rely solely on their own will-power.

We all have chores to do that are not particularly enjoyable, and if left undone it weighs on our minds and becomes a burden. The thought and anticipation of being punished for not doing something is often extremely exciting and this enables the sub to tap into her sexual energy to complete her chores. Master seeks worthy submissive to train her work will be reviewed helps her to focus on the task at hand to do the kind of quality job she really wants to do, but has to struggle with finding sufficient energy.

Watch Submissive Training - Dominant Teaches Prostitute How To Behave on, the best hardcore porn site. Pornhub is home to the widest. How do you find a Dominant or submissive that is good for you? messages from submissives or Dominants looking for someone just like you. . a connection based on fit, consent and chemistry, is certainly worth the effort. The idea of training holds out the promise of all three. This doesn't mean that it's less worthy or important. . So if you're looking to be trained in submission, understand what kind of training it is that you're seeking. in styles from Daddy to Master to Owner to I-don't-know-what-this-is-but-it-sure-is-fun.

This is especially important for those women who strive to be perfect and have the tendency to be self-critical. This can be compounded if she was raised in an environment where past mistakes were Master seeks worthy submissive to train forgotten but were continually brought to her attention. Since a punishment spanking is going to be harder for her to endure than one given for pleasure, you want to be sure she is in the right mental head space for taking one.

In other words, she must feel the spanking is deserved, so my advice here is never punish her for something left unclear. Make your rules very clear and specific so she knows exactly when she is breaking them.

Another caution here about being consistent. If you punished her one week for breaking a rule and let the same infraction go the next, you are giving her very mixed and confusing signals which will make it difficult for her to take your control seriously, and this will have very negative consequences to both your Master seeks worthy submissive to train. She will need to test you until she feels secure you are going to follow through so be consistent — this is extremely important. A punishment spanking is often more filled with ritual than most any other scene and draws very much on her anticipation of an event that she knows will be a test and challenge to her.

Sending to her room to await you should excite her greatly even though she knows the spanking may not be that enjoyable. Making her fetch the implement used in her correction is an added erotic embarrassment. You may want to have her strip in advance and Guy that loves to play with boobs to the corner to reflect upon her infraction and what steps she is going to take in the future to avoid a similar lapse.

Or, you may want to have her place herself face down on the bed with a pillow under her hips and paddle beside her. If you want to see just how exciting the anticipation of a punishment can be, have her wait at least 10 minutes before you come into the room and Master seeks worthy submissive to train check her for wetness.

You may want to lecture her on her behavior, emphasizing exactly what she did to earn this correction, and during the spanking itself, pause several times and give her the chance to promise better behavior in the future.

The focus of a punishment spanking is less on her pleasure even though it will, at least initially, be very exciting so you may want to give her less of a warm up than usual before increasing the intensity of the spanking. If you tell her in advance how many strokes she is to be given it may help her to endure the spanking knowing when the end will come.

If this is the second spanking for the same offense, be sure to increase the number of spanks so she gets the idea that a Master seeks worthy submissive to train lapse will be met with more severity. Some alternate punishments may be requiring her to write a certain number of punishment lines. This is more of a childhood punishment but is very effective as it has less eroticism connected with it than a spanking. Here are some suggestions on how to enjoy your slavegirl, get your way, and at the same time Master seeks worthy submissive to train the depths of her submission.

When done with love and care, embarrassing your slavegirl can be an extremely intense experience for her and one that will make her feel very controlled. When you give her an embarrassing task and she obeys, it is a way you can both Beautiful older ladies searching sex personals Las Vegas Nevada the strength of your respective roles.

Her obedience in being embarrassed proves to you both that she is your slavegirl, and that she will do whatever you ask of her.

As her Master, you want to think of as many ways Master seeks worthy submissive to train possible to demonstrate this, and you will feel that your control of her is as complete as possible.