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Love me my pug

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Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Add Thread to del. My pug doesnt "love me": Hi guys so I have something very strange to say. I hope that you guys have ppug, advice, or experiences that might help me. I take care of my dog, Pepa 4 months oldlike a child. I don't spoil her because I do train Love me my pug for obedience, she doesnt sleep with me.

I do on the other hand get her a lot of toys, she has 2 beds, I take her to puppy socialization, I play with her, I take her to vet, I feed her, I try to cuddle with her, Swingers Personals in Kemblesville tell her what a good Live she is, I give her Love me my pug I think I do everything to make her happy and healthy!

But she wont stay with me, or on me, or let me pet her for long. She follows me around the house from time to time, or asks for attention but a 30 second attention and she doesnt want any more.

My other dogs before her were really into spending time with me and I wanted to have that connection to my puppy. Did you guys have similar experiences? Is Love me my pug a pug thing?

Can i change this?

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It's not like I want a super attached pomeranian but I want a companion. I do love this girl but I am hoping she will grow fond of me. Pugs are all different. Whilst most are Love me my pug velcro, not all are.

pu My older dog, Snifter, is not a cuddler. He does like to be close Love me my pug but not to be up on a lap. Just keep doing what you are doing and don't force the cuddles.

Bella, mummy to Snifter and Toddy! I would Overland Park Kansas discrete sex it could have something to do with her age.

Mine Horny professional Chile women xxx just started to become more independent around that age and he was all like "I'm a big boy now I'll sleep here on my own". And ms I'd have Love me my pug off leash he would run up to people or walk away from me to sniff something pgu he had never done before he actually ran Love me my pug a neighbor's house once but that's just their way of exploring things and testing us in a certain way.

He has always been cuddly and craved attention all the time but I noticed he changed a bit around that age. He's 8 months old pyg and he just got out of that phase, he's back to being all over my face now.

Either way don't think that she doesn't love you cause that isn't the case at all, she might just have a different personality. And if it's just a phase she will get over it soon. She knows that you're the one who feeds her and takes care of her, you're "her person" and maybe she just has Love me my pug ways of showing her oug.

I take care of my dog, Pepa (4 months old), like a child. I don't spoil her because I do train her for obedience, she doesnt sleep with and. Now I find it so hard to be without you. You were my heart. mM boy. God's love in the form of a pug. I don't think this pain will ever leave me till I join you again. I've owned three Pugs, all different. One would love the first person who had food over me, her loyal and devoted owner, the other suffered.

Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. I hope it's a phase, because she is the only person I'm close to in NYC. But she is not very affectionate and I feel it's my fault.

My other dogs have been so into me. I always did so many thing with them and spend so much "us" time. Lvoe doesn't seem to want me to touch her at Love me my pug. I actually pick her up to join me in sofa but she goes to the corner and ignores me.

All she wants is to bite me playingnibble, and treats. Before she used to sleep on me, now that she doesnt have Llve cough anymore she is suuuper avoidant. A few ideas: Dumpling went through this as well.

She doesn't sleep with us either. She would follow me everywhere, but wasn't the master cuddler I thought all Love me my pug were. After she pkg spayed, she turned into a cuddler and is happy to be on me, or the kids at any given time, a real change in disposition.

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I can vouch for the fact that just like people, pugs do have Love me my pug kinds je personalities. My first pug was an 8 month Love me my pug, black male mme I literally rescued just minutes before he Love me my pug slated to be euthanized.

It was the end of the day on the last day before the shelter closed down for Christmas and they were putting him on the lead to take him down the long run to the euthasia room. I pleaded with them to let me go Lovr to borrow my room-mates car but they refused it was closing time so we did all of the adoption paperwork right then and the pug and I took a cab home together.

I came back later that day for my motorcycle. That little guy bonded with me the moment our eyes made contact. He Fat girls pussy in Waitakere up at me from where he was seated on the cold concrete floor and began to howl sadly.

Love me my pug

It was instantly clear that we needed each other. My second pug is Kiska and she is almost 9 years old. Adopted at the VERY young age of just 6 weeks she is very reserved, protective and serious.

She likes to mw only when SHE wants to and does not give kisses. She hates it when I am gone and regardless if Love me my pug minutes or an entire day she bounces, howls, shrieks and spins in circles upon my return.

She is the alpha female in the house, I suppose she wears the pants mee the relationship, and she is my loyal, silent shadow. My third pug is Mr. Buddy B. Bojangles and he's 6 years old. Buddy is the goofy, loveable, hyperactive member of the family.

He was also a Love me my pug that was about 18 Sexe Thailand free old when I got him.

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It took another diffcult 10 to 12 months before he finally trusted me and relaxed enough to cuddle, play and act silly. So give her some time.

Love me my pug

She is still very young and overwhelmed by the gigantic world around her. One thing that I ppug has played a big role Love me my pug the fact I love white males even as 6 week old pups I let them sleep in the bed with me. That's something that they love to do even now. Tinker's mom.

Love me my pug

I Love me my pug it sounds like a phase but even if it's not IMO they get more settled as they age and become more velcro. Make no mistakes you are still "her person". Do you spend all of your time with Pepa?

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I work from home, but sometimes, when I have to leave Beardsley for a few hours for a class or something, I Anaheim free dating phone home and I am pleasantly put by Love me my pug excited he is to Love me my pug me!! I'm told that he cries when I'm not around, and watches the door for me to return.

When I'm around, though, he just goes about his business and doesn't fuss too much over me. Maybe Pepa is like Beardsley? I'm sure she loves you!! She just doesn't show it the same way as other puggies might do.

Pug Mom Claire. Having had both a male and female Pug puppy, my experience was that Pearl was much Love me my pug independent at an early age. She liked to be fussed over and petted, but on her terms.

5 Ways to Live with a Pug Dog - wikiHow

As she aged, she became more cuddly, but still on her terms Louie was a dynamo, and had no time for petting untill much later in life Harriet, my almost 5 month old puppy has gone through stages Now she wants to be with me more, and sits at my feet to chew her toys.

I'd say your Pepa is probably going through one of the many puppy Love me my pug where she doesn't have time to pay much attention to you, she's too busy discovering the world! Contact Us Love me my pug PugVillage. All times are GMT The time now is CopyrightPugVillage.

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