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Im cursed with a big dick Look For Man

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Im cursed with a big dick

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Also I'm waiting for that little sisterolder brother connection.

Age: 51
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Alcohol Induced Diarhea Syndrome.

Big Dick Problems - AskMen

Guess it depends on how well endowed you are. If your too big then not many women are gonna wanna be with you. But then again it could be a blessing to be a porn star. I ask you why you are not prepared?

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You can't go around showing it off to get girls, it is only relevant after your game has gotten her pants off, and by that time you're getting laid regardless. I have the perfect-sized penis. Definately a curse. Amazing for the pride factor, but a bitch for the wit life.

Im cursed with a big dick

A large penis is nice to look at, but not ideal to have sex with. It's been a blessing for me.

Although it does have it's draw backs. When wearing boxers it falls out of the opening, get's caught between my legs when I sit and it gets in the way when I'm doing lower back exercises.

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I'm not complaining I've gotten many compliments on it. From a womans perspective it depends on how well endowed you were because if its too big then it would just be painfull and mI fun so i doubt most woman would be impressed.

Everyone thinks having a big package is the best thing in the world. This Vlog is to show the BIG Dick is a Blessing and a Curse. Pej Peeves to SUBSCRIBE Guys! I'm trying to reach subscribers to create my own link!. This article takes a look at the issue of a small penis and how it can affect a man's Stop comparing yourself with pornstars with big penises. So yes, OP, a large penis can absolutely be a curse when combined with a lack of I didn't know till this subreddit either and I'm in Europe.

How come so many guys on the biv hav 7 inch plus cocks when the average size is about inch??? Have you tried boxer briefs?

Is bigger always better? The curse of the massive dick - Heaps Gay

Still sexier than regular briefs, more comfortable and supportive than traditional boxers. A blessingbut a lot of it is a curse.

I'll tell you guys straight up and the honest truth. About 3 years ago Im cursed with a big dick so, dith my ex and I broke I went around and banged girls all over. E55 Pilot. My dkck loves my average size pig. If she wants a huge hog, she just needs to grab the giant dildo i bought her.

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As far as I know, she never uses it unless I Im cursed with a big dick it out when we have sexy time. Although, if she is using it and I don;t know about it thats hot as fuck and I wish I would catch her MrFluffyHippo - It became obvious it was a lie when you said you don't know the exact length.


B Boom! If my dick was big beep I would know what size down to a sixteenth o an inch.

Butterbeans Low Kicks - fanat - I think doggie style doesn't allow you to go as deep as other positions. Maybe you are having sex with 10 year old boys but the ass on big girls that I like act as a barrier.

Im cursed with a big dick

Jacks Wasted Life. Sorry, I was hallucinating again, average Joe here.

Fuck all you huge hog bastards in the friendliest no homo way possible! Mike Wazowski.

Having A Big Penis Is A Curse | Thought Catalog

I'm not huge. I'm at 7" erect from top to base and just over 5" in circumference. I've had girls see it and get very wide eyed and others treat it like whatever.

Lol, I measure that fucker every year.

That said, I bottom out in girls so I can't imagine someone bigger than that. After lots of dirty talk and foreplay I have them ride on top.

That way they control depth and you get her real wet. Once she's cum or thoroughly wet I will fuck her lazy doggy her flat on stomach. Starting her on top seems to work well.

It's possible that it's scraping the cervix and the issue isn't with the size but with the shape. I've made girls bleed and I've got a 6" dick with slightly above average girth but it looks like a crazy straw.

Im cursed with a big dick

Are you me by any chance? Starting her on top seems to work well Im similar a little over 7 inches and 5. The current girl im with complains because I hit the cervix the first time we had sex I actually bent the shit out of my dick and it was sore for a week.

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My last girl could take 4 fingers with no warm up lol. The way I fixed it was to wear a cock ring a decently thick one about an inch wide which prevents me from going all the way in and she doesn't complain about the extra. My 5'0 gf still complains sometimes.

The curse of having a big dick. : Page 3

She sexed a dude in college with one that she said was the size of her forearm and made him stop after like 30 seconds. I feel for the donkey dick bros It's a tough road Jack Skellington.

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Not all fat girls can take huge cocks. Same with black chicks. Not all black chicks have loose twats.