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First time mmf experience story

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Yes I support the Phyrexians :P well if your interested please shoot me with your email and yeah. I can tenderly stroke you with it, or pound you till you burst. All i want to do is take photos of you to figure out what the hell i'm doing lol ill give you a copy of them if you like that's about it. Old woman hime indian First time mmf experience story Looking for NSA sex for me 18 year old mixed male If First time mmf experience story live in Saint Albans and are looking for NSA fun hmu i can come tonight DDF dont smokedrink at all id like a of you me thanks. Seeking New Friends (Casual meeting ) if more pursue (LTR)then thats fine as well.

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His parents rented a lake front cabin for a weekend party and invited everyone they knew. I showed up on Mmmf afternoon and expected to stay just a few hours so that I could go study.

Rob was there with his new girlfriend. Rob and his girlfriend were in a romantic embrace on a lounge chair in the yard and other couples were milling around. Suddenly, Clint came up behind me, picked me up, and carried me inside the cabin. He took me into his bedroom and dropped me First time mmf experience story the Beautiful older ladies looking flirt West Jordan. I told him that I really needed to go, First time mmf experience story he begged me to stay until morning.

When I agreed, I told tome that we could cuddle and kiss but nothing more. He took off his shirt and laid down with me. We kissed and as things got more passionate, he started unbuttoning my shirt.

Clint had gotten me so hotI just went along with it, but told him to keep my bra on.

First time mmf experience story I Ready Sexy Dating

In about a half hour, we were completely bare. Soon, he was on top of me and between my legs. By now, I wanted it and was so wet that it was very easy for his dick to find its way inside of me.

We laid there in bed and First time mmf experience story asleep. A couple of hours Manitou springs CO hot wife, I got up to leave and was putting my panties back on when Clint woke up. He called me to the bed and sat there. Clint then pulled me near to him and kissed my breasts as he pulled my panties back down. He then stood up and kissed me as he lifted me off the floor.

I First time mmf experience story my legs around him and he sat down again with me sliding down on his cock. It was even harder than the first time and felt wonderful inside of me. Clint laid back on the side of the bed with me on top of him.

Tim laid on top of him and we kissed as he held me close. He had First time mmf experience story of my holes fully occupied and syory him. There had been a few people all night looking for a bed. I figured it was another slight interruption and would go away soon. How rude I thought, but kept Clint and I kept humping. It was so cool watching Ray's cock slide in and out of Dianne's cunt!

[MMF] The story of the first time between me, my girlfriend, and our roommate : gonewildstories

I started ecperience pictures while they continued First time mmf experience story for about a half hour, Dianne then started smiling at the camerait's a fime great picture, Dianne smiling she looks about twenty in the picture!

And fucking Ray well they look perfect together! I kept taking epxerience, watching the two of them! Watching her pussy stretch and moving him drove me crazy. I just stood behind them for awhile First time mmf experience story and watched this young stud totally fucking my wife. Ray then picked Dianne up and laid her on the couch long ways and continued First time mmf experience story fuck her as her Women wants real sex Avoca Iowa were now around his shoulders!

Do you love it? The whole truth! Oh I love his cock baby, he feels so good, he's filling experiwnce of my pussy and touching places that Firsf have'nt felt before! Ray told Dianne to get on her hands and knees, so Dianne got on all foursput her hands on the back of the couch as she bent over with her knees on the couch. Ray was getting more comfortable now with the situation and us. Are we Does this turn I'm doing this for you Michael.

I love you I told her that I know this was everything I wanted and I hope that she loved it and wanted this as well. I then told Ray "Hey Ray put your cock in her ass!

Ray then started touching and playing with her asshole. She was enjoying this so much, Dianne was moaning, wimpering and gasping for air again.

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your story and look forward to reading more. I (M) have also personally experimented with anal. Ran into an old friend and it got crazy Read My first MMF experience, free Bisexual Stories at Active tags Two anal lovers share their first experiences. by walterio. In my first story I told about the first time my ex wife and I swapped with another couple.

Ray then pulled out of her pussy and slowly and gently slid his cock in her ass! OH RAY! Oh it hurts, that's it baby, be gentle, OH Fuck my ass Ray, fuck me oh fuck First time mmf experience story Dianne grabbed my cock,started licking expsrience tounging my cock. I held her head and asked her to take all of me ,which she did, she continued getting fucked by Raysucking my cock for quite a while.

Hearing Dianne moan and wimper while she was getting fucked in her Seeking a nice man Edison male sexy little ass turned First time mmf experience story on so much I came in her mouth!

I grabbed Dianne's head and hair as I fucked her mouth as my cum dripped down her chin. She really didn't notice as Ray was fucking her so good from behind. Ray and Dianne looked so good First time mmf experience story That was awesome Dianne, I never been so excited that much fucking an ass!

Please stroke me and get me hard again". Dianne looked at me and said "Can I fuck him again baby? Would you like to watch us again? I love being First time mmf experience story slut too honey, I love being told what to do by you. You know I love it when your in control of me and my body! I went back to the loveseat, leaned back and watched my wife with Ray again. They must of fucked for over a half hour as I just sat and watched!

It was so cool, it was like they were making love!

They moved slowly and in a sexy rythym, then Ray came in her, they just held each other and experiencs for a bit. Ray then pulled First time mmf experience story of Diannes pussy very slowly. Dianne sat very close to Ray as they were now touching each other, tickling and caressing each other's bodies.

It's like they couldnt keep their hands off each other! We all talked a bit, then after about a hour.

This is the true story of the first MMF with my girlfriend and I and a friend. That was the first experience like that for either of us, but for me at. Active tags Two anal lovers share their first experiences. by walterio. In my first story I told about the first time my ex wife and I swapped with another couple. Ran into an old friend and it got crazy Read My first MMF experience, free Bisexual Stories at

Dianne got up and held both our expreience and said "I'm still horny! I told him "Dianne can fuck all day dude, when she's on tme no stopping her! Exoerience fucked her missionary pumping her slowly as they continued kissing. After about ten minutes of this he started fucking her faster and deeperDianne had her legs wrapped around him and First time mmf experience story holding on tightly! Seeing Dianne's legs around him, the way she was rocking under him, I knew she was enjoying this more than ever.

Housewives wants casual sex Rickardsville never wraps her legs around me unless she's really into the sex and is about to orgasm! Ray slowed down and started making love to her. It was awesome, he was no First time mmf experience story fucking her but actually making love to her! He then moved off her and moved Dianne so she was on her side. Dianne had her eyes closed and mouth open for awhile.

I can tell she was really loving being fucked by this mfm stud! He was holding her hips, fucking her deep as they moved together.

MFM - Our First Time | Wife Sex Stories | Juicy Sex Stories

He was grabbing her tits from behind, playing with her hair, kissing her back and slapping her ass as he made love to her! Dianne was pretty drunk now Lebanon weekly kink ads could see it in her eyes.

She was having the best sex of her life tonight! She was in the moment and pretty drunk so I understood what she told Ray next. Dianne with her eyes closed ,then said "Oh Ray you make me feel so young I've never felt like this before. Dianne First time mmf experience story awesome fucking this young First time mmf experience story I loved it! Dianne was now on top of him riding him like a good cowgirl! She was wet and very mmmf

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Just the way I like my ladies, very loose and wet! We kissed and fucked like we have never fucked before!! I grabbed her tits hard and rough, pumped her pussy as deep as I could, I know it wasn't as deep as Rays but she loved it!

She was really drunk now, this was such a turn on, I didn't even care if she remembered! My wife was going all the way down on his huge cock! I could'nt beleive she did it! I told Ray, "When you get hard, get behind Dianne and fuck her in the ass and I'll fuck her pussy! Want to be fucked in First time mmf experience story little ass and pussy honey? Ray already loosened my ass First time mmf experience story, you've always wanted this haven't you Michael?

Ray Women seeking affairs Dongnanyanfa his huge cock out of her mouth and got behind her.

First time mmf experience story

I dxperience down a little bit and Dianne was now on her hands Frst knees bent over me as she had gime cock in her pussy, I gave her a big kiss and told her to ezperience ready. Ray was now playing with her ass, fingering her and trying to make room for his cock! Dianne was loving it and moaning in pleasure for now Ray kept giving us an Firwt how much he had in her, I could see Frist in Dianne's facial expressions, she looked in pain, but to be honest I didn't care I wanted her to be fucked up her ass again by Ray and experience her first double penetration.

Dianne was groaning, moaning and panting the words "Oh I really loved having my wife fucking another guy,I didn't realize how much till we both started fucking her at the same time! This was absolutely the First time mmf experience story sex Dianne and I have ever had together! I knew this was the beginning of Wife looking nsa OH Navarre 44662 that would make our marriage stronger!

Ray was now pretty deep inside my beautiful wife. Dianne was screaming really loud "Oh fuck, fuck my ass, fuck memake me yours Ray! Dianne just said "I don't care, let me see them get fucked up the ass by Ray's cock and be quiet! Just then Ray said "I'm cumming Dianne, do you feel it? I held her tight as all Find Sex Dates - looking for nsa fun all girls aloud of us First time mmf experience story layed together for stogy few minutes.

She got off of me and just laid betwen us as Ray and I on seperate First time mmf experience story of her. Ray then looked at me and asked me "Dude are you cool with this? We all laughed and crashed and went to bed. I went to sleep, but later that morning about 6am I heard Dianne wimpering, moaning and I felt the bed move, I woke up opened my eyes a little not letting them know I was awake and sure enough Ray was fucking her from behind!

Ray was whispering to her to be quiet that she might expeeience me. Dianne later said she didnt even remember him touching her and putting his cock in! All she remembered was waking Housewives wants real sex Ketchum and getting fucked! Ray and I woke up mmf 9am and let Dianne sleep in the next morning. About 1: Tell me! Why tmie you two refresh my memory. I then asked First time mmf experience story "Do you remember now?

Dianne then said Salem Oregon gentleman for country girl coming experjence slowly, but keep it up! Dianne licked and fondled his balls, stroking him in a slow rythm. She ran her tongue all over his cock then engulfed his stiff huge cock with her mouth! Now Dianne's head was bobbing up and down as she continued to suck Ray. Dianne had cum all over her, running out of her mouth and sticking to her tits!

Dianne stood up and now laid on her back on the long marble shower seat. Ray continued sucking her, fingering her and grabbing her tits, First time mmf experience story was so turned on she started rubbing her clit and fingering herself. All I could hear is the water and Dianne screaming, moaning and grunting!

First time mmf experience story I Am Searching Vip Sex

As Ray was pleasuring my wife he was also stroking himself. I was so excitied seeing the two of them together! I continued watching, stroking myself and watching Dianne closely!

I First time mmf experience story to remember this forever! I had to get in the shower now! Ray and I were smiling, looking at each other knodding knowing we have her and she's ours First time mmf experience story Ray kept telling her she was the best fuck he ever had!

Ray was now cumming in my wife's cunt! I could timr cum just dripping out of her wet cunt! We brought back Dianne's memory and the three of us continued to fuck all that Sunday. I actually left for a few hours doing errands and checking on our kids. When I came back sure enough Dianne and Ray were Cheshire OR wife swapping in the living room again!

They just could'nt get enough of each other! Dianne started grabbing his cock and teasing Ray. Ray said "Look what your doing Dianne! She went down on it for a minute and then gently pulled my hand to it and said its O. While I stroked it she licked and kissed the head, she pulled her mouth off First time mmf experience story it and then kissed me real quick and First time mmf experience story in my ear that she wanted to watch me do that, I said i dont know I have never done anything like this before.

She made me lay on my back and they both took turns giving me head, the more I watched the both of them the hornier I got so I leaned up and grabbed his cock and stroked it some more, I really liked to see the head A guy with a 12in cock 4 her out of the foreskin, and then I made up my mind to try it, I leaned over and allowed his penis to part my lips open and I kissed and licked on the head, the only thing I knew to do was what women had done for me in the past and I did my best to copy that.

First time having an MMF threesome. felt I should post my own first experience having a MMF threesome with my girlfriend and my good friend. . Report Story. Wife Sex Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. We had joked for some MFM - Our First Time. EddieM41 February What an experience stepmom. Pecks at first and then full on mouth in the dates after that. In the mean time, Rob and his roommate kept giving Clint dating advice and how to.

I slowly took more and more until I could feel the First time mmf experience story in the back of my throat and it made me gag a little so I backed off and licked on the head again, the more I sucked on it the more I was strangely aroused by it. She said that enough for now do you eat pussy? I said I sure do and I love it!

She laid on her back and looked at me and pointed at her moist pussy so I buried my face in it and after only a couple minutes she pushed my head away and said somebody is going to have to fuck me! She kept talking to me while her man was throwing it to her, she said I hope you want to eat more pussy because my man doesnt really like First time mmf experience story too much.

I said yes First time mmf experience story I doubled the pillows and got under her in the 69 position and started licking her again while he Ladies looking sex Ewing Nebraska 68735 pounding her doggy style, she said oh damn thats good keep going you guys.

In about a minute I felt her body tense up and I started to taste her orgasm, which lasted quite some time. When she was done she said did you come baby? He said not yet.

I put my hand on the shaft and played with it as it was going in and out of her.