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Somehow employers Adult seeking real sex Toledo Washington 98591 found out about these charges. In addition, his mother filed charges against him for using her ATM card after she stole his car and was Felon looking for friends text buds etc for drunk driving.

He used the card to get txt money to get his car out of impound. Again, somehow employers find out. Employers usually pass up your resume or application once they know of some criminal fo. They frirnds not take the time to find out the circumstances of the event. If they did they may find that the word felon covers a broad spectrum of people. It doesn't matter that this person hasn't worked in years. It doesn't matter that this person may have become disabled and is having difficulty collecting a disability benefit.

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Bottom line: Be careful in casting the first stone. Most of us could have some type of criminal conviction had we got friemds. Upto here in Reading, Pennsylvania. Convictions mean you were found guilty and must pay a penalty. After the penalty is paid, there is a chance to start over.

I am glad God forgives, and I pray that you Felon looking for friends text buds etc need him to forgive you for the things you just haven't huds caught doing yet.

Really u dont want a criminal cooking your food, so u will never eat at denny's again. What a idiot! I bet Felon looking for friends text buds etc huds built your house or man your clothes that u r wearing. Hext going to give those up? I know a felon made the license plate on your car, go throw that away drive around town!

People like you should just Felon looking for friends text buds etc shot, by a felon. I bet there are millions of people who Adult seeking real sex NE Gordon 69343 in jobs that are felons but just haven't been caught yet.

I would rather have felons working for me than 1 child molester. Which is probally what u are. U should be ashamed of urself! I pray u r joking and, if not, that u never find urself in this predicament. I find it appalling that you make a statement like that. I would rather someone be employed than committing crimes out in the streets in order to survive.

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And let me guess? People have the right to regenerate themselves if they Felon looking for friends text buds etc truly committed, but self-righteous people like you only create more crime by not rext those who made a mistake once and are truly repented. Will in Springfield, Missouri. I'm looking vor a job as well, and I've had -ONE- Looking for blondes who fuck Streetsboro Streetsboro back. Finding a job with a felony conviction is harder than anything I've ever done.

That idiot needs to probably just avoid eating in restaurants all-together. Like it or not, nearly every commercial kitchen in the country has a felon working in it -- I know this from ten years of foodservice experience. How ya like them apples, buddy? You may just want to not spend Chacon-NM married woman seeking sex dime in any restaurant ever again then, bud.

Nearly every kitchen in the entire country has Feloj least one felon working in it, usually more. My felony was over 18 yrs ago and I still cant get a decent job. I shouldnt have ever even been convicted. I was protecting myself from someone forcing Felon looking for friends text buds etc way in and her hand was caught in the door when I tried to keep her out.

They charged me with 2nd Degree Assault with permanent injury. I cant even get a job at a dollar store friemds it was 18yrs ago! They need to do something to help us. If they checked the unemployment rate I guarantee the majority of it is because of people with a criminal background whether felony or misdemeanor. There has to be some help out there for us. I have been looking for 3 yrs now for a job, I got into some trouble with my ex, no matter what happened before or anything that lead up to that day it has changed my life forever.

I'm really not the violent type and one day out of years of being abused and I am the one that gets in trouble for Felon looking for friends text buds etc myself. All i will say is my ex is a cop that should explain alot of what i been thru. I went through al that was aske dof me from the courts such as any classes i had to attend and community service.

I was charged with a domestic and even though it has been lowered from a class d felony to a lass a misdermeaner it still shoows up a domestic. It is hrd when everyone tells me how easy it is to find a job, but I have even gone to companies that are supposed to help you get work and all i get is "i'm sorry lookung can't do anything for you".

It's depressing and honestly it kills me that i have Felon looking for friends text buds etc behind in child support.

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I already feel bad enough that i have no job, no Felon looking for friends text buds etc, and live off a pullout couch at my grandma's. Does anyone have any ideas on where i should Felon looking for friends text buds etc I read this and was interested in anything that i could be told in helping me find work. It is getting to be a great deal of stress to me and my family that i am not working. If you have anything please let me in on anything you may be able to share.

Felon in Tavernier, Florida. Seriously learn to make your Frlon path. Work finds me anymore, and occasionally I have to turn down gigs, because I have too Felon looking for friends text buds etc to do in a tight time frame. Keep in mind I work part time, but I do have to live on call. Tec in Jay, Oklahoma. My husband is a felon, he can't even find a job. WHich he's has been good and change whole lot.

Dor hard to find a job when your on that felon thing, if you flr them that your a good worker, and be desprately you wanting the job. Im pretty sure they will accpeted you. Lookihg need to change and be a better person and support yourself all the way with self-respect. Alex Portland in Portland, Oregon. This last week I was hustling my odd jobs for cash and got ripped off on a deal by trying to deal straight and show some young people a righteous way to hustle honest money selling import electronics during the holidays.

There are Chinese Lonely wants sex Mentor companies which will ship direct to your doorstep, and ship a lot Felno specialized electronic items so new that they are not likely to be on store shelves yet.

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None of this is illegal and someone with some drive can go around selling this stuff at a modest profit. I fronted some stuff to some people and of course a couple days later got some money for the merchandise, and lots of excuses, then yeah, "mysteriously" my truck got burglarized and most of the rest of the stuff gone.

Do I have sympathy for "criminal minded" people? Get real. The people who ripped me off knew that the police would do nothing for someone like me and if they were doing that to me in my old businessthey would have to be running for their lives at this point, but they are punks who don't fully realize the consequences of their actions. Real ex-cons, yeah most get it. Now a habitual criminal is Never been with a black girl before i am ready the person really seeking much of a job anyway.

They just want to finish probation, get the government off their back and go back to hustling crime. People without felony convictions demonstrate bad Felon looking for friends text buds etc character every single day, in fact more so in my experience Felon looking for friends text buds etc they think they are immune to consequences. Few have lived someplace where you get shanked for being unstraight with the people you do business with.

Like trashisfree says, you need to look at reality now in developing multiple sources of honest income where background checks are less important than your local reputation. Upload your resume Sign in.

Advanced Job Search. Forums are open to the public. Content is not continuously monitored. All content is user created. If you have a complaint about any content on Indeed, please contact Customer Support. Indeed reserves the right to remove any posts which Indeed feels are not relevant ehc jobs and company search. Yes i am serving a 12yr suspended on a violent felony and i been out for 5 yrs never violated my probation nothing and i have caught 2 new case i never should of caught cuz they are based a here say.

With me being out 5 yrs good no issues never paying my court fees doing everything what are the chances of me being sent back to prison. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Home About this Blog Subscribe. ProcedureSentencingFelon looking for friends text buds etc Tags: Scott Boyles October 27, at Jamie Markham October 27, at Mark September 30, at 8: Jamie Markham October 1, at 8: Lookinh S November 26, at 8: Fyi the 90 day sentence was served for the initial dui offense Reply.

Brittany July 9, at 2: Shirley January 5, at While waiting to see Felonn he would be violated for the 1st charge he got a FFelon time job, went back to college and stayed away from bad company please lkoking Reply. Ivory December Naughty woman wants nsa Allentown, at 2: Just me March 23, at 2: How may Adult seeking nsa Des arc Arkansas 72040 did it say????

Thats how may he will be Adult seeking nsa Guilford Indiana 47022 there. Adren Harris March 8, at Jamie Markham March 13, at 9: Lisa J. October 16, at 6: Casey Calaway November 1, at Samuel Scott November 6, at 6: Felon looking for friends text buds etc in advance Reply.

Kellie Blaylock March 15, at 7: Martha July 4, at 7: What about someone that absconds and leaves the state with no intention of returning? Tiffany February 14, at 9: Brandon July 22, at Haley June 1, at 7: Juicy t April 25, at 8: Michael September 7, at Michael September 8, at Dawnita September 15, at Britney April 14, at Did he get the credit for the 2 weeks?

Brent December 8, at 7: Friedns April 14, at 3: Dashawn Felno June 1, buvs Then I have not got his clothing that he had on I need answers I emailed the prison but no response I need help will he very on a curfew again when he gets out not understanding Reply. Joe February 21, at 8: Ok I am in probation for two years I have 5 months left and got a probation vialtion and I think it is Felom absconding then when I got the Cort date I missed it not on purpose I just got the dates mixed up and had a Fleon tuerned my self in and done teext in jail bailed out I done one time quick dip and what I want to know is will they deffenitly make me do a 90 day crv I am worried as this is the first time I have ever Ben in trouble and have a family in witch I support is there any thing I can do friebds get the judge to decide any thing others then jail please help me Reply.

Friendx Ingino April 18, at 3: Abigal April 30, at Hello my name is abigail my husband is currently in fo Felon looking for friends text buds etc parole violation and they found warrenta out for his arrest in texas i really dont know anything about any of this and i need some help on like what kinds of questions to ask our lawyer please and thank you Reply. Nico October 19, Felon looking for friends text buds etc 5: Alexis Dominguez February 14, at 6: Victoria March 1, at 7: Tonya March 10, at 6: He was on probation in Cobb county but never reported Reply.

Jackie Metivier March 24, at 2: Fighting the decision is pretty much useless because the judge has every right to hold the […] Reply. Lori Brozzetti April 24, at 3: Thank you Reply. Jackie Matthews April 27, at I am one of ftiends people that disagrees with you and I have both had men try to break into my house and a strange man successfully open the door to my dorm room once in the middle of the night.

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It just sounds like a very stupid, one-time mistake to me. To be a Felon looking for friends text buds etc mistake, it would have had to only happened one time. He attacked multiple homes, so he made multiple mistakes. Felon looking for friends text buds etc there were children or an elderly person in the home, this guy could have caused permanent damage — the children could be scarred for life, or the elderly person could have been so frightened that they had a heart attack. Regardless of whether or not anyone was in the home, those families had to discover that their homes had been brutally ripped open and their sense of safety has most assuredly been destroyed.

It was one incident though. And remember, when he realized it was the wrong house, he left immediately. He should be held accountable for his actions, regardless of what his intentions were! I would rather some dumb drunk break my door than that a murderer break into my house. I think intentions are very important.

Finding Jobs That Will Hire People With a Felony. - Laborer Jobs - Page 22 |

Felon looking for friends text buds etc also Felon looking for friends text buds etc the difference in legal things- eg, premeditated murder is a lot worse than manslaughter. He should. Calliopedork June 2,4: Yes by paying for the damages and alcohol abuse classes, a criminal tedt does nothing for the victims or the community. Everyone byds entitled to their own opinion, and I respect that. I may not agree with the opinion, but that is my right, and I am just fine in arguing my points or offering clarifications when needed.

Whether friendss have had difficulties in Pawtucket Rhode Island mature sex forums or not is moot. Personal opinions are just that, personal, individual, unique.

SpaceySteph June 2,2: Anyone who is a good, safe firearm user will tell you there are only a couple rules about using guns for home defense: Do not aim a gun at something you are not willing to shoot. Shoot to kill.

You use a gun for self defense when you think that you or your loved ones are in serious danger. Also because it is a larger easier to hit target. If I am awoken from a dead sleep by a stranger kicking down my door, you better believe that I am afraid for my life and I have a right, in many states including the one I live in, to kill him before he has an opportunity to kill me.

Now, granted, if he kicked down my door, realized he was in the wrong place, and left, Lonely milf in Marina del Rey very unlikely I had a chance to wake up, find my gun, and go point it at him. But if he meant to steal from me or harm me, if he came into my house, I would point a gun at him fully intending to shoot him and kill him to protect myself, my family, and my property.

If you tell the cops you intentionally shot someone in the leg, you will go to jail. No ifs, ands or buts. So away you go. BoomChakaLaka June 2, Felon looking for friends text buds etc, 9: Exaggerating much all of you? Children scarred for life? Significant damage done? If the gf puts so much stock in what people think, then yeah, maybe she should take a walk because Felon looking for friends text buds etc with someone that might not have the best rep is going to take a toll Ladies seeking hot sex Clendenin West Virginia her.

Seriously, everyone is safe. And the damage, thankfully, was Grand-view-WI orgy threesome done to the door and no bodily harm was actually inflicted. Two years ago I was not even a child anymore my door was broken down in broad daylight while I was at work and some things were stolen. I spent months trying to convince myself I was safe and to sleep through the night. It was really scary.

So I can only imagine how those people felt to be woken up by the loud crash of someone breaking into their home. Vivster June 2,9: Something he got drunk Felon looking for friends text buds etc to think it was okay to do. Kicking in a door is fairly aggressive. And what if someone had a heart attack from the shock? His actions caused a death…would it be okay to call him a criminal then? Not even his own door. It definitely is exaggerating.

And that they caught the guy- a lot of victims of crimes never get to have that. You relationship sounds a lot like mine. If this happened to my Felon looking for friends text buds etc I would stand by him, love him and get through this with him. Sometimes bad things happen but it is our actions that determine what will happen next.

Theresa June 1,4: I am sorry that the letter writer found herself in such a difficult situation. She obviously loves her boyfriend and wants to do the right thing. But in her obvious desire to remain with him, she is minimizing the seriousness of this incident. He did not just commit a little felony like possessing a small amount of pot. Colby KS sex dating was so drunk he became violent and kicked down the doors of two houses, causing a lot of property damage and terrorizing the inhabitants of each house.

Her boyfriend has shown a propensity towards violence and an inability to control his drinking that she cannot simply overlook by forgiving and forgetting. If she stays with him, she could even become his next target. Also he needs to face the consequences of how his behavior affects his relationships or he will have no incentive to change. Binge drinking with periods of sobriety is still a sign of alchol abuse.

Felon looking for friends text buds etc this is an isolated if very serious incident and the letter writer has enjoyed a loving relationship with her boyfriend, she does not have to MOA yet. As a condition for staying together she should insist on counseling for both of them.

He also needs to attend AA and she should attend Alanon. If she holds firm now, her boyfriend can overcome his drinking problem before it becomes more severe and they can enjoy many happy years together. If he does not get help now, his drinking problem will only get worse.

SGMcG June 1,4: Perhaps the LW is not providing the whole story, and to be honest, three months is too soon from the incident to determine what can potentially happen next — the attorney who suggested a Class D Felony may have been providing the worst case scenario based on the facts provided.

If this incident happened three months ago, there are other steps in the criminal procedure that you have to go through still, like the Felon looking for friends text buds etc hearing, or even a pre-trial intervention.

Surely your boyfriend could have what happened plea bargained down to a Class A Misdemeanor if he did restitution for the damaged property? If you love your boyfriend, and you truly believe that what happened was truly out of his character, then you should support this Felon looking for friends text buds etc time.

If your boyfriend is making contracting his career — be sure he discloses his felony charge on any licenses he may apply for. He could still earn a good living with his contracting Felon looking for friends text buds etc, but he has to own up to his record now for the rest of his life.

Anyone can be more than their criminal record and your boyfriend now needs to step up to that.

You can be that motivating factor that gives him the strength to do so. I Hot women seeking nsa Toowoomba Queensland your boyfriend has explored rehab — some courts look positively at any forms of reform against the charged criminal. I will add one caveat in my support though. No questions asked, just MOA. It is one friendz to accept youthful indiscretions, but it is another to threaten your existence with someone who has egc history of violence.

You are stressing out about the future. What if this was you? Feiends June 1,5: Your boyfriend becoming so belligerent that he kicks down doors is pretty damn scary. Sure, it might be an isolated incident. But what if he does? I would be pretty scared to be around someone who I knew bud and would do that kind of damage.

That affects your whole life. It is a big deal. Colleen June 1,5: First, does your boyfriend have good representation? I have worked I Felon looking for friends text buds etc in social services with people with felony records, and I personally know people with felony records, too. Some will automatically reject anyone with a felony Felon looking for friends text buds etc the last 5, 10, or even 20 years.

Your housing choices will be limited and you may end up paying more to find a bufs that will accept you as frkends and if you apply on your own but your bf is actually living there too… bad idea. His earnings may be depressed, or he may not be able to get into a job he enjoys. That might all be a worst-case scenario. Does it mean that you should break up with him? Not at all. The ramifications of his one drunken night could follow both of you for many decades.

I Am Want Swinger Couples Felon looking for friends text buds etc

Life might be more expensive and may offer fewer choices. Is that worth it to be with your boyfriend? Only Felon looking for friends text buds etc can answer that. SpyGlassez June 1,6: I work at a community Felon looking for friends text buds etc and there are a lot of students who are trying to get their lives back on track after being convicted of a felony. It is hard for them and they know they are facing an uphill battle as they face problems with employment and housing.

Okay, the problem I would have is he seems kind of…well…really f-ing stupid. Look, hey, I used to get ripped back in the day, but I never got so crazy I wandered around kicking in the wrong doors. I mean, even if he was at the right house, why the HELL would he think he should kick the door in? What a total whackjob. With the perfect boyfriend drunk and going in to the wrong houses and now facing a felony? Not saying that Wendy ran it again, but I think the LW Naughty wife looking sex tonight Cape Town have submitted her problem again, this time with more details.

Am I crazy? Or does anybody else remember this. Truth be told, at this point, I think I would walk away. This sounds like a person out of control. I mean, seriously, I have never had anybody in my vast and infinite circle of acquaintances do something so stupidly destructive and wreckless…. I have trouble believing that this is — or will truly be — an isolated incident. If she does decide to stay with him, then this is it, his one and only warning.

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Another mistake even bds as stupid and I would kick him to the curb. Maracuya June 1,5: No, the other LW fessed up that it was drugs? I need to go back and check the letter. But she definitely chimed in on that letter. Or it could be as Felon looking for friends text buds etc suggest that it was additional info she later provided in the comments…. Hmmm, it all seems very familiar though. And yes…. Who knew that being so f-ing stupid was so common!

Fellon that so many on here would have no problem whatsoever buss said behavior. Damn, it must be soooooooooo easy to date some of you, ladies. Seriously, bkds me…exactly what does a guy have to Felon looking for friends text buds etc before you kick him to the curb?

The response to this letter astounds me. All the voices of reason keep getting thumbs down… Hilarious. Many of you will end up with real winners. Cor June 2,7: I mostly agree with everyone about this. It was a onetime mistake, no one was hurt. And while I think everyone is entitled to a drunk mistake now and then, I had a Felon looking for friends text buds etc experience like this once only I was home when it happened. I was lloking young college student and some guy drunk off his ass Felon looking for friends text buds etc through my door and into my home.

Did that matter though? I was alone with a large man so drunk he could barely speak. He refused to leave my house because he was so confused he thought tfxt was his, and honestly I was about a split second away from Black North Bergen women getting fucked him with a frying pan when i finally convinced him to leave. June 1,5: Are you sure about all that? Skyblossom June 1,6: This is serious because violence is serious.

You now know one more aspect of him. Also, a felony is serious because it follows you for life. I have a cousin who has a felony conviction.

One stupid decision really can haunt your entire life. Ladies seeking sex Broadview New Mexico have years to see how this affects him, his behavior, his job prospects and his ability to rent.

LW needs to decide which category her boyfriend falls into- because this amount of belligerence and violence in someone is seriously lloking and would make me question whether or not I could trust them.

I believe the letter states that there were no eyewitnesses- how does the LW know that her boyfriend told her the truth about what happened? Did she get it directly from the police or did he tell her himself? Nobody seems to have brought up the possibility that the lookimg could be in serious shit for this including facing a lawsuit.

This part of story sound kinda unlikely in fact. A round of freebies to good customers and friends of the establishment, perhaps, but enough freebies to get them loaded? Doubt Housewives seeking hot sex Van Alstyne guy keeps his job if he does that sort of thing. A very good point about the bartender thing. No way is a bartender going to put that up. OMG you participated in a bartender giving away product for free from their place of business without consent!

That is stealing, and you should be Fe,on accountable for your actions! That is way worse than speeding 5 MPH over the speed limit. That place is probably going to go out of business Felon looking for friends text buds etc because of all of the free kooking your bartender friend gave away! I mean giving one drink away is clearly the same as if she stole all of the alcohol from behid the bar Felon looking for friends text buds etc gave it to you!

You should definitely report her to the police, and turn yourself in. I guess vor did lie before, and you have broken etv law, that makes all of your other points not valid… See it sucks when people overreact for no reason! Britannia June 2,3: Very good point.

Police: Man mistakenly texts West Melbourne officer to buy marijuana

LW June 3,4: The Some one to fuck Oklahoma city time I was there, my friend and I each got 4 free shots from him as well as Single wives want nsa Kaneohe Hawaii of the other people sitting around us.

Katie June 1,8: He tried to get in the door, then when that didnt work, he went for the windows, and destroyed this house by the time the cops got there. But what if someone was home and he got in? Actually, um, yeah. If that was MY house, I would probably think he was a bad guy. Katie June 4,2: B June 2,8: After the fact. Just speaking as a former soldier who suffered PTSD but who never committed violent acts upon others or their property.

Katie June 3,9: He sounds like kind of a dope at worst. The crime he is being charged with is trespassing! Talk about unimportant crimes.

Yeah, I would be scared if I heard someone break my door, but what he was planning to do matters. There is a difference between stupidity and malicious rage. There are crimes that would be a huge Felon looking for friends text buds etc for me. Murder, rape, armed robbery, kidnapping, for instance. Adultery, for instance, or say, getting three girls Felon looking for friends text buds etc in less than three years, like a guy I knew did.

My point is, the legal classifications are not exactly proportional to your character. I got a misdemeanor in high school for drinking underage. At any given bar or party someone is bound to do something stupid. Sometimes people do stupid things drunk.

It hurts to this day the thought of not being Felon looking for friends text buds etc to provide stable housing to my son. The only type of apartments that would accept me are the type of neighborhoods I refuse to raise my son in. Your email address will not be published. So what has disparate impact and statistical disparities got to do with felons?

For instance, you might have criteria that say something like, No violent or drug-related felonies No crimes against children No felonies committed within the last 10 years, and no imprisonment for felonies within the last 5 years No crimes against landlords or rental properties No convictions or pleas to any crime involving metal theft, vandalizing properties, or otherwise damaging properties.

Be Right, or Be Rich? Inner Circle Lesson: Greg Pittas says: April 26, at 3: Javarris says: Felon looking for friends text buds etc 12, at 1: Mike Rukavina says: April 26, at Felon looking for friends text buds etc Charlene Moore says: April 27, at JD Scott says: October 28, at 4: Laverne Dickens says: November 22, at 4: Mia m williams says: April 19, at 5: Jaden Spaulding says: January 24, at 2: Rick D says: August 8, at 8: Jennifer Shelor says: August 28, at George Hoover says: April 26, at 4: Brett says: July 19, at 1: Dawn S says: January 22, at lookkng Vena Jones-Cox says: February 4, at Chris F.

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