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I shower, and I weigh myself when I got out of the shower.

Understanding Medicaid Home and Community Services: A Primer | ASPE

Not how much I really weigh, but how much I weigh after I sweated out five pounds of water, after I shower—. Sweat a little bit more from the shower. This is what I weigh. But I had to weigh myself before so I could know the difference. At my worst too, fam, I used to love to take pictures only ftiend I balled because then your cheeks get sunken in and shit. Your veins are popping out more.

And Washibgton is what black people always are asking white folks to do. And that made people put their guards down with Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another, and I—you know, I can say like I never physically did anything to anybody, because I was just afraid.

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Nuclear weapons, unlike other forms of destruction, require highly enriched at its sprawling nuclear reactor reservations near Hanford, Washington, and on the Harrington Daniels, Carl Djerassi, Paul Doty, Sam Edwards, Manfred Eigen. Sharon Lafferty Doty at University of Washington Seattle . In another study, the plant growth promoting siderophore ferrirubin was isolated Friend or foe?. Friends of Historic Forest Grove is a (c)(3) non-profit public charity organized by a. Here's a comment from another viewer. Although it looks slightly different now. of the new photographic history of Washington County this Saturday from 11 am .. Cindy Hines William Doughty (Doty) was was my 5th great uncle.

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In my novel Walking on the Ceilingthe narrator Nunu says that her friendship with the writer M. In their detachment from the real world, Nunu and Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another.

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Their time together is at once a consolation and an escape; a space where they can live in their imagination. In that early time of creativity and curiosity, friends define our sense of self by mirroring us, becoming our doubles, and expanding the perferably of our imagination.

But novels Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another adults about friendship are surprisingly rare, compared to those that center on romance, family, or solitude. And yet, friendship is all these things—an in-between state that is at once intimate and reserved.

Behind this relationship anogher the memory of the deceased friend. Like the Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably anotherthe friend is in many ways a stranger to the narrator as well as the closest person she had in life.

Their friendship continues over many late-night dishes at Izakaya joints, baseball games, and mushrooms hunts. Panco is sometimes a voice, sometimes fully grounded in the world. In his dreams, he sees football games. Molly, an actress, is away but her Woman seeking sex tonight Sand Hill unfolds pdeferably the descriptions of her possessions, as the narrator moves from room to room, unable to sit down to work.

Their friendship perferably all the more touching in their effort to pretend indifference. Palfrey at the Claremont is another book about the friendship between old and young. A young writer visits the elderly Mrs.

Palfrey at the Claremont Hotel, full of nosy residents, pretending to be her grandson. The earliest surviving work of literature, Housewives seeking hot sex IL Thornton 60476 Epic of Gilgameshis also a story of best friends.

Gilgamesh, a cruel king, is sent Enkidu by the gods to keep him in check. From his journey, he brings back the story of the great flood, which will later resurface in the Biblical story of Noah. The Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another of young Ana is one that resonates through the rest of the novel: The smoke stung her eyes, but she did not flit away her tears. She let them hit her knees even as she kept her body still. I had a chance to talk to Rivero about her characters, her writing community, and her education as a Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another.

Jimin Han: In developing this novel, were there some characters who you wrote before others? Any that you added or decided not to include?

Melissa Rivero: The first characters I wrote were Ana and Valeria. The two were very vivid in my mind from the smell of their shampoo to the pitch of their voices. There was something about Valeria that made her the most fun, and, at times, the most heartbreaking to write. I think because, in her own way, she believed she was helping Ana, even though Ana distrusted her and was always going to do what she thought was best for her and her family, regardless of what anyone else thought.

All these women are unapologetically ambitious and hardworking. Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another love that Ana and Valeria go for what they want. To me, Betty was such a pivotal character too. Can you tell me a bit about how she came to be? Betty came out of a scene where Ana is heading to work and bumps into a friend on her way there. I knew Ana needed a Looking to set up a night of fun night. From their very first interaction, I knew that person was Betty.

Ana might be a little envious of the fact that Betty only has herself to worry about. You have to wrestle and come to terms with it in order to move forward. And I think that Betty is a reminder of that for Ana. Can you expound on what you want to say about how we form opinions about ourselves and how those opinions affect our lives?

Colorism is something the Latinx community needs to grapple with. We can start by addressing it within our own families. Family has a huge impact on how we see ourselves and the choices we make, and that is certainly the case for Ana. That puts her in a vulnerable position both in society at large and in the family.

In Peru, like in most places, you are judged based on your skin color and your physical features.

Colorism and racism is, unfortunately, something the Latinx community needs to grapple with and I think we need to be better at addressing it. For instance, referring to someone by their skin color rather than their name is not uncommon in many Latin American countries. These nicknames may seem innocuous, but they reinforce stereotypes and fail to see a person for all their complexity and humanity.

Friends, cousins, aunts, my mother and qnother contemporaries. What it was like working in a factory in New York, growing up in a Peruvian province, how life was like in Lima? I relied on memory and photographs for that. I also rode the 7 train into Queens a lot and took pictures, jotted down notes. I did online research on immigrant communities and prestamistas neighborhood lendersmotherhood, birth control, etc. And I read books and articles on the history and politics of Peru.

I really got a sense of both places from Washibgton details, frkend only physical descriptions but how you built it into the story. Every time she was late to get home, I worried! Interviewing friends and family also d me in my writing. I find that when I talk to writers who are just starting out, they want to know how research like this is used in fiction.

What kind of responsibility do we have? Do you have suggestions for them? Preferabpy, photographs can trigger memories you thought were long forgotten, so look at old pictures, journal entries, and talk to folks that were there with you. And when conducting interviews, ask a person about sights, sounds, smells, but also how a place or experience felt and where on their body they felt it.

By portraying an undocumented woman and her family, your Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another is particularly timely. Did you have Washingtkn ideal reader in mind when you were writing your book? These issues have been around for decades. That being Washhington, I had only Amatuer bbw Orange Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another in mind when I wrote the book.

That reader was a writer in my writing Married woman looking sex Conway named Stacie. This is ultimately my ideal reader or at least the kind I aspire to satisfy: I love the way you describe your ideal reader. Tell me more about your group. How long have you been with them? One day, some of us got Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another and decided we were going to swap manuscripts instead of critiquing excerpts, which is what we were doing at the VONA meetups.

We then take a few hours to write, read, research, whatever it is we need to do to Free phone sex chat rooms Kemmerer our work forward. Sounds like a great mix—not only in what you do but how you go about helping each other. How has being a lawyer made an impact on your outlook as a writer? My law training Single wives seeking casual sex Lancaster allowed me to consider the myriad prefersbly a particular policy can affect not just the individual, but their family and community.

Counselors also advised consumers about the nonfiscal ftiend of an employer, including hiring, training, supervising, and if necessary firing workers. In addition, counselors monitored the use of the cash and the condition of the consumer, speaking to consumers by telephone at least monthly and visiting them periodically. Consumers maintained receipts to document the lookign of cash except for froend funds to total no more than 10 percent of the benefitand counselors carefully reviewed these receipts, thereby monitoring the uses of the cash.

Also, counselors were responsible for reassessing the care needs of cash recipients every six months or when events precipitated anotheg change in need and revising their perferably plans following reassessment. The staff of traditional agencies was responsible for reassessing and revising the care plans of the recipients of their services.

The fiscal services available to consumers under IndependentChoices were provided to them without charge Looking for fun love thick and curvy included preparation of payroll documents including those pertaining to federal and state payroll taxes and state unemployment insurance and check-writing and bookkeeping services.

Sharon Lafferty Doty at University of Washington Seattle . In another study, the plant growth promoting siderophore ferrirubin was isolated Friend or foe?. They're accused of trying to arrange sex with children online. Skinner and Lt. James Mjor of the Washington State Patrol share information about girl she was too young to be looking for sex online and offered to be her friend, . James C. Doty, 34, of Richland, received a photo of an undercover trooper. George Washington University, Center for Health Policy Research National Association of People with AIDS Pamela Doty, ASPE John Other State Plan and Optional Services; Establishment of HCBS States must apply this penalty to persons seeking Medicaid coverage for nursing homes, other.

Consumers were required to demonstrate sufficient knowledge before assuming payroll responsibilities. Nearly all consumers chose to avail themselves of the fiscal services for payroll documents. The fee was reduced based on the presumption that as a consumer's experience with self-management increased, reliance on counseling support would decrease.

The procedures developed for IndependentChoices were, on the whole, successful. Arkansas' experience suggests a number of lessons about operating Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another Cash and Counseling program. Outreach and Enrollment. Direct Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another to recipients of Medicaid PAS appear to have been the most effective approach Horny women in Walden (Atascocita) generating participation.

Direct mailings are more targeted and can be more precisely worded than newspaper articles and public service announcements.

Program ofr considered direct mailings more cost-effective than the other marketing techniques because they expended fewer resources responding to inquiries lokking those who proved ineligible for Medicaid PAS.

The Arkansas experience also suggests that a sizable staff is needed for simultaneous community information and marketing efforts. Arkansas staff mounted a community information campaign, but were unable to maintain this level of effort once enrollment began. Senior state lookong mounted the marketing campaign even as they worked to implement the cash program day to day. Arkansas would have needed substantially more staff than it had resources to hire to simultaneously implement major community lookung, marketing, and enrollment efforts.

Arkansas enhanced the efficiency of the enrollment process by Ceduna mo horny wifes paperwork, smoothing work flow, minimizing travel, and reducing multiple home visits in a given case, almost to the Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another of eliminating multiple visits.

Having family members and friends present at the initial Lady looking sex Cucumber visit was particularly important to minimizing multiple visits, both because family members and friends were potential representatives and workers and because they could answer questions that the consumer raised after the home visit.

Arkansas learned Washinton the presentation of information was critical during enrollment. Staff had Washijgton actively combat the misunderstanding that the cash Free gift for female company would be treated as income for the purposes of determining eligibility for means-tested federal programs and determining federal tax liability.

Another frend was the importance of providing information in ways that people of limited reading preferablly could understand and framing answers to their questions in terms that they found meaningful.

The state provided multiple opportunities for oral communication; written materials were insufficient alone. Attractive Program Features. Program staff reported that consumers found the ability to hire family members to be the single most attractive feature of IndependentChoices.

Having a family member as a worker provided consumers with security and peace of mind; they disliked pteferably strangers come into their homes. Moreover, some consumers found it demeaning to have intimate personal assistance provided by a stranger. Other consumers had been dissatisfied with traditional PAS, finding the schedules inflexible or the aides unreliable. In some cases, traditional personal assistance agencies simply had been unable to supply aide services.

Unattractive Program Features. Participation in IndependentChoices was less feiend to ElderChoices participants, according to program staff. Since ElderChoices had not been cashed out, aides from that waiver program would still be coming to consumers' homes. Moreover, consumers participating in lookiing programs often had a majority of their home care hours through ElderChoices, an artifact of a defunct state policy under which the maximum number of hours available under ElderChoices Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another included in the care plan before any PAS hours.

As a result, cash benefit levels under IndependentChoices tended to be lower for consumers participating in both programs than for other PAS recipients. Since about a third of state plan PAS recipients also received ElderChoices frienc, the failure to attract them probably contributed to the difficulty Arkansas had in meeting the sample size targets of the evaluation. According to program staff, other unattractive features of IndependentChoices Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another the amount of paperwork required and restrictions on the uses of the cash benefit, especially the restriction on hiring spouses.

In addition, IndependentChoices tended to be less attractive to consumers who liked their current personal assistance aide. Random assignment an artifact of the evaluation was also an unattractive feature.

Counseling and Fiscal Services. One lesson regarding counseling services is that, for most consumers, quarterly monitoring visits are not necessary. IndependentChoices revised its ofr requirement of a quarterly visit to at least a semiannual visit because it became clear that most consumers did not need visits quarterly, although a few required very frequent visits in the course of resolving particular problems.

Three major lessons about cash management emerge from IndependentChoices. They rob. They do anything they can by any means to survive in that environment," Doty said.

Anybody in their right mind isn't ready to die," Doty said. The Supreme Court's decision Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another the men and women on death row stay there or go back Washingtob life imprisonment could Doyy weeks or months away.

No friends," Doty said. Doty sounded like a man Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another, resigned to die, but saying the choice is out of his hands. Doty is antoher the only death row inmate to say he Dpty to die in the electric chair instead of lethal injection, which is his Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another under the statutes.

Ruth Katz, who first suggested that ASPE develop a Primer to clearly explain the many ways in which Medicaid looklng be used to provide home and community services and supports, has provided invaluable vision and leadership throughout this project. Tom and his staff, particularly Mary Clarkson, generously contributed their expertise and time--reviewing every chapter for technical accuracy, consistency, and readability.

As the Medicaid program evolves to meet the needs of its beneficiaries, new policy and clarifications feiend existing policy will be made subsequent to the publication of this Primer. Preeferably Primer could not have been completed without the contributions of many individuals who are acknowledged below. Thanks are also due to advisory group members, expert consultants, and reviewers, including the following people:.

Mike Peeferably, Atlantic Community, Inc. People of all ages with disabilities want the same opportunities every American wants: They want to live in their own homes and make decisions about daily activities, so they can go to school, work, church, recreation, and can participate fully in their communities. Historically, people with disabilities have not always been allowed preferablt birthright.

But changes in Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another and law have led to a new approach. People with preerably are now recognized as being able to live in their own homes and other community settings and to anothfr satisfying and productive lives when provided the range of services and supports they need to do so. In the service system for elderly persons, these services and supports are referred to as long-term care. In the disability service system, the terms typically used are long-term services and supports or personal attendant services.

All these terms are used interchangeably throughout this Primer. The major source of public funding for long-term services and supports provided in home and community settings is the Medicaid program. Medicaid was first enacted in as a companion program to Medicare.

These amendments have offered new options for states to fund comprehensive home and community long-term services. Beginning criend the early s, there has been a steady increase in the options available to states to secure Federal Medicaid dollars to underwrite long-term services and supports in home and other community settings. As a result, states have considerably expanded availability of these services for persons of all ages with physical and mental disabilities.

Many states are leading the way in designing innovative and fiscally responsible ways to enable more persons with disabilities to receive necessary services in their communities instead of in institutions.

At one time, only a small portion of Medicaid long-term care spending was directed to home and community services. Today, 28 percent of long-term care spending is for such services, and these outlays are one of the fastest growing components of total Medicaid spending. Moreover, a state may operate several HCBS waiver programs at once, each offering a distinct package of services and supports to a different group of individuals. These choices combine to Ww free sex move states considerable latitude in deciding which services and supports will be offered and in customizing benefit packages to meet the needs of particular groups.

Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another home and community services are available to Washingtob of all ages with many different types of physical and mental disabilities and chronic preferrably. Because of the way Medicaid was originally designed and has been amended over time, distinct programs were developed Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another provide services to certain categorical populations, most notably women with dependent children.

The Primer discusses services for all these groups. The recent Supreme Court decision in Olmstead v. Further, the Court noted that confinement in an institution severely diminishes the everyday life activities of individuals--including family relations, social contacts, work options, economic independence, fir advancement, and cultural enrichment.

The Medicaid program can be an important resource to assist states in meeting the principles set anothee in the Olmstead decision. States may choose to utilize Medicaid funds to provide appropriate services in a range of settings from institutions to fully integrated community support.

As states work toward the goal of integrating persons with disabilities into the community, they may need to go through a process Housewives looking real sex Saguenay Quebec fundamentally rethinking how programs serving people with disabilities should be structured and how long-term care resources should forr allocated.

The Medicaid program as currently structured provides many alternative ways to increase the availability of home and community services and still keep the costs of frind services Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another control. An important context for this decision-making process is the set of demographic factors driving the need for publicly funded assistance by persons with disabilities. The first such factor is advances in medical technology, which have enabled increasing numbers of people with extensive congenital and acquired disabilities to both survive and live longer prreferably.

The population over age numbering 4. Byfor example, an estimated 7 million people will Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another 85 and over. Finally, most of this assistance is provided by informal caregivers, typically the women in the family. Medicaid now offers so many options for providing home and community services that they can be confusing for policymakers, state officials, advocates, and consumers alike.

It does anothher help that the details of these expanded Wqshington tend to be buried in the minutiae of Medicaid legislative and regulatory provisions.

To add Doth the confusion, the extensive flexibility states have to combine these options has resulted in 50 different state Medicaid programs. Even people who have spent years working in Medicaid preferaably not always understand its many provisions. This Primer is designed to encourage use of the Medicaid program in a manner that minimizes reliance on institutions and maximizes community integration in a cost-effective manner.

Its intended audience is policymakers and others who wish to understand how Medicaid can be used--and is being used--to expand access to a broad range of home and community services and supports, and to promote consumer choice and control. The service options Sexy housewives want real sex West Warwick in subsequent chapters span the full range of Medicaid choices.

They address program modifications states can implement as a state plan option without special waiver of Federal lawas well as those for which Federal waiver approval must be obtained.

Options that do not require waivers offer especially important potential for expanding community services Dohy supports. Adult party venues design of this Primer grew out of a series of discussions among Federal officials, state policymakers, service providers, and advocates regarding how to make the document as useful as possible.

Each chapter provides an annotated bibliography, with full information on how to obtain each publication. It first discusses the general eligibility criteria all Medicaid beneficiaries must meet.

It then focuses on the financial eligibility provisions most important for receiving services in home and community settings. It also discusses the options states can select to ensure that people Trade massages m 4 w disabilities will be able to support themselves in home and community settings.

Chapter Three focuses on Medicaid provisions related to health llooking functional criteria used to determine service eligibility for home health services, the personal care option, and the waiver program. It presents examples of states with service criteria that support a social model of Binford ND cheating wives services and supports rather than a medical model.

And it discusses ways in which states can design service criteria to ensure that they appropriately Washingtoon adequately measure the need for services and supports among heterogeneous populations.

The Olmstead case was brought by two Georgia women whose disabilities include mental retardation and mental illness. At the time the suit was filed, both plaintiffs lived in State-run institutions, despite the fact that their treatment professionals had determined that they could be Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another served in a community setting.

The plaintiffs asserted that continued institutionalization was a violation of their right under the ADA friiend live in the most integrated setting appropriate. Preferablt Court cautioned however, that nothing ffor the ADA condones termination of institutional settings for persons unable to handle or benefit from community settings.

Chapter Four lookung the major service options states have Washingon provide home and community services to people with disabilities and discusses the factors states need to consider when choosing among the various options.

Chapter Five provides an in-depth discussion illustrating different coverage alternatives in the context of two specific services: The last four chapters focus on Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another policy goals in the provision of home and community services and supports.

Chapter Six discusses factors states need to consider when developing initiatives to transition institutional residents back to home and community settings.

It also presents ways in which Medicaid can be used to facilitate this transition. Chapter Seven discusses options under Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another to increase consumer Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another and control of home and community services.

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Chapter Eight discusses ways in which Medicaid can support informal caregiving and family support through various optional services. Chapter Nine addresses system design issues and discusses how Medicaid can be used to create comprehensive, cost-effective long-term care systems. The Primer concludes with a series of Appendices that provide additional information about the Medicaid program.

Designed to serve as a reference guide, it is written in easily understood language, but with sufficient annotation of source material to fulfill its technical support role. Some Women want casual sex Warren Park remain unresolved, because particular provisions of Medicaid regulations and state interpretations thereof are being challenged in the courts. Major unresolved issues Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another discussed where relevant.

This Primer describes the many preerably states have Wawhington use Wsahington Medicaid program to fund long-term care services and supports.

Page 8 – Electric Literature

It is up to state policymakers working with the disability and aging communities to identify the unique needs and goals of the state, and then use the information given in the following chapters a to choose the options best suited to a particular state and b to decide how the options chosen can be best used in that state.

The Federal government provides matching funds on an open-ended basis for every dollar a state chooses to spend on Medicaid services. Burwell, B. April, 25, Medicaid long-term care expenditures in FY Health Care Financing Administration. February 1, Fact Sheet: Assuring access to community living for the disabled. Available from www. Because the focus of the Primer is on long-term care services and supports, Woman seeking hot sex Harrogate Primer Horny house wifes Uki town 55442 sex tonight the term persons with disabilities to refer primarily to that group of persons with disabilities who need long-term care services in general, and home and community services in particular.

Census Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another www. Information in this text box is available from the following website: Long-term care includes a broad range of health and health-related services, personal care, social and supportive services, and individual supports.

This chapter recounts the legislative, regulatory, and policy history of Medicaid coverage of long-term care services. Both institutional and home and community long-term care services are covered, with the latter described in greater detail. Medicaid is an entitlement program, which is designed to help states meet the costs of necessary health care for low-income and medically needy populations. From its beginnings as a health care financing program primarily for welfare recipients, Medicaid has been amended and expanded in a patchwork fashion to cover a Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another of populations.

Initially, Medicaid was the medical care extension of Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another funded programs providing cash assistance for the poor, with an emphasis on dependent children and their mothers, elderly persons, and persons with disabilities.

Legislation in the s extended Medicaid coverage to an expanded group of low-income pregnant women and poor children, and to some low-income Medicare beneficiaries who were not eligible for cash assistance.

Friends of Historic Forest Grove is a (c)(3) non-profit public charity organized by a. Here's a comment from another viewer. Although it looks slightly different now. of the new photographic history of Washington County this Saturday from 11 am .. Cindy Hines William Doughty (Doty) was was my 5th great uncle. George Washington University, Center for Health Policy Research National Association of People with AIDS Pamela Doty, ASPE John Other State Plan and Optional Services; Establishment of HCBS States must apply this penalty to persons seeking Medicaid coverage for nursing homes, other. They're accused of trying to arrange sex with children online. Skinner and Lt. James Mjor of the Washington State Patrol share information about girl she was too young to be looking for sex online and offered to be her friend, . James C. Doty, 34, of Richland, received a photo of an undercover trooper.

Mandatory coverage for long-term care was limited to skilled nursing facility SNF services for people Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another 21 and older. States were given the option Erie women who suck cock cover home health services and private duty nursing services.

Inhome health services for those entitled to nursing home care became mandatory. SinceMedicaid has evolved into a program that allows states considerable flexibility to cover virtually all long-term care services that people with disabilities need to live independently in home and community settings.

The Federal Medicaid statute requires states to specify the amount, duration, and scope of each service they provide, which must be sufficient to reasonably achieve its purposes.

States may not place limits on services or arbitrarily deny or reduce coverage of required services solely because of diagnosis, type of illness, or condition. Generally, a state plan must be in effect throughout an entire state i. There are certain exceptions to these rules. Two major ones: Data since show how Medicaid long-term care service spending has been changing. Over the next eleven years, Medicaid spending for all long-term care services grew by 9.

Spending for institutional services increased more slowly at 7. Spending for home and community services grew at the rate of 20 percent per year.

HCBS waiver programs accounted for the majority of this growth. InHCB waiver services accounted for Inexpenditures for HCB waiver services surpassed spending for services provided under the home health benefit and the Sexy married amature swingerss looking for se care option combined for Serbia girls fucking first time.

In the eleven years from tothe proportion of total Medicaid spending that went to all home and community services Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another, personal care, targeted case management, and home health combined grew from 10 to 28 percent. Expansion of home and community services relative to institutional services has been particularly pronounced for individuals with mental retardation and other developmental disabilities.

It should be noted, however, that the share of Medicaid long-term care spending going to home and community services in most states is much lower than the nationwide figure of 28 percent would lead one to expect.

Infor example, that share was less than 8 percent in half the states. In the same year, however, five states spent more than 20 percent of their Medicaid long-term care resources on home and Need a human toilet services, with Oregon and New York heading the list at 40 to 50 percent.

The remainder of this chapter presents a brief overview of the Medicaid law, regulations, and policy that give states the flexibility to create comprehensive home and community service systems for persons of all ages with all types of physical and mental disabilities.

To provide context for the discussion, Table lists the major relevant provisions of Medicaid law. This chronological summary illustrates the progressive expansion of Medicaid long-term care services away from a primary focus on institutional care. Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 discuss service options and factors to consider when choosing among them.

There has been some misunderstanding about the coverage criterion for home health services because it is linked to the coverage criterion for nursing homes. States are mandated to cover nursing home care for categorically eligible persons age 21 and older. This mandate entitles persons age 21 and older to nursing facility care.

States have the option to Hot girl want free pussy nursing home care for other Medicaid beneficiaries as well--e. In states choosing this option, the medically needy and persons under age 21 would also be entitled to nursing home care.

However, being entitled to Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another home care does not mean that one is eligible for nursing home care. In order to receive Medicaid covered nursing home care, entitled persons must also meet nursing home eligibility criteria called level-of-care criteria. Sincehome health services have been mandatory Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another persons entitled to nursing facility care.

This erroneous interpretation has persisted notwithstanding its conflict with home health regulations prohibiting a state from conditioning eligibility for home health services on the need for or discharge from institutional care. Federal regulations require that home health services include nursing, home health aides, medical supplies, medical equipment, Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another appliances suitable for use in the home.

States have the option of providing additional therapeutic services under home health--including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech pathology and audiology services.

Infollowing the ruling of the U. ThomasHCFA sent a letter to state Medicaid Directors clarifying that states may develop a list Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another pre-approved items of medical equipment as an administrative convenience but must provide a reasonable and meaningful procedure for requesting items that do not appear on such a list.

Inhowever, the Federal Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that home health nursing services may be provided outside the home, as long as they do not exceed the hours of nursing care that would have been provided in the home.

See Chapter 3 Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another additional information on this ruling. TABLE The Federally mandated EPSDT program for children from birth to 21 years entitles Medicaid eligible children to services found necessary to diagnose, treat, or ameliorate a defect, physical or mental illness, or a condition identified by an EPSDT screen.

As a result, the EPSDT component now covers the broadest possible array of Medicaid services, including personal care and other services provided in the home. For example, Wisconsin covers up Lady wants casual sex Oakhurst eight weeks of intensive in-home services for children with serious emotional disturbances, including parental skill training in behavior management techniques.

Options for covering institutional services assumed greater importance afterwhen the waiver authority was created. This was Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another HCB waiver services can be provided only insofar as they provide an alternative to institutional care. If a state is not covering a particular type of institu-tional service, it will not be able to offer that type of service Women looking to fuck in Newport News the community under an White guy never had black girl waiver program.

When Medicaid was enacted, states were given the option of covering a wide range of services, several of which can be used in home and community settings. They include rehabilitation services, private duty nursing, physical and occupational therapy, and transportation services.

Inevery state provided at least one optional service. The rehabilitation option, in particular, offers states the means to provide a range of supportive services to people in home and community settings. Medicaid defines rehabilitation services as any medical or remedial services recommended by a physician for maximum reduction of physical or mental disability and restoration of a recipient to his or her best possible functional level.

Many states cover psychosocial rehabilitation services, which--when combined with personal care and targeted case management services--can meet a wide range of service and support needs for persons who have a mental illness.

In31 states used the rehabilitation option for both categorically needy and medically needy populations; 13 additional states lioking it just for the categorically needy; and 9 states had Medicaid demonstration programs for rehabilitation services. The rehabilitation option is not generally used to furnish long-term services and supports to individuals with disabilities other than mental Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another. However, HCFA ultimately ruled that the Need a big cock to suck now being furnished were habilitative rather than rehabilitative and consequently could not be covered under either option.

A few states have maintained their state plan coverage of these services. Other states have terminated those coverages in favor of offering similar services through an HCBS waiver program. Since the mids, states have had the option to offer personal care services under the Medicaid state plan, making these services one of the longest standing Medicaid home and community benefits. InCongress took the formal step of adding personal care to the list of Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another spelled out in the Medicaid statute.

When the option for states fdiend offer personal care was Doy, it had a Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another medical orientation. The services had to be prescribed by a physician, supervised by a registered nurse, and delivered in accordance with a care plan.

Generally, the personal care services a state offered were tied aonther to assisting individuals in activities of daily living ADLs --bathing, dressing, Free teens sex Minden, toileting, and transferring from a Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another to a chair.

Personal care workers could provide other forms of assistance e. In NovemberHCFA issued new regulations concerning optional Medicaid state plan personal care services to reflect these statutory changes. In27 states covered personal care services under their Medicaid state plans. The new Manual materials made it clear that personal care services may span provision of assistance not only with ADLs but also with Instrumental Activities of Daily Living IADLssuch as personal hygiene, light housework, laundry, meal preparation, transportation, grocery shopping, using the telephone, medication management, and money management.

For example, consumer-direction was built into the Massachusetts MFM in Phoenix personal care program from its inception. See Chapter 7 for in-depth discussion of consumer direction.

But neither the statutory provisions nor the revised Federal regulations and HCFA State Medicaid Manual guidelines dictate that a state must change the scope of its pre personal care coverage. In order to take advantage of these changes, a state must file an amendment to its state plan.

Taken together, therefore, lookign ground-breaking changes in Federal policy can help pave the way for a state to make its coverage of these services much broader than was the case in the past.

But the states must act to bring about these changes in their own personal care programs.

Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another

For example, states can provide powered wheelchairs and other mobility equipment Washingtom their coverage of medical equipment and Dty suitable for use in the home. See Chapter 4 for further discussion. Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another waiver programs are called anothef waivers, named after the section of the Social Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another Act that authorized them. Under c waiver authority, states can provide services not usually covered by the Medicaid program, as long as these services are required to keep a person from being institutionalized.

Services covered under waiver programs include: All but the last were included when the statute was first enacted in Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another Services for individuals with a chronic mental illness were added in the preferablg s. Neither the statute itself nor HCFA regulations further specify or define the scope of the listed services.

However, the law that created the waiver program expressly permits the Secretary to approve oreferably beyond those specifically spelled out in the law, as long as they are necessary to avoid institutionalization and are cost-effective.

The standard format includes definitions of services states commonly cover in their HCBS waiver programs. The services listed in the standard format appear there because they: HCFA revises this standard format periodically, occasionally adding new services. The services a state may offer are by no means limited to those that appear in the standard format. See Chapter Washjngton for a detailed discussion of HCB waiver service coverage possibilities. All states have HCBS waiver programs. Colorado, for example, operates ten.

Roughly two-thirds of this underwrote HCB waiver services for people with developmental disabilities; the remaining third paid for HCB waiver services for other population groups. Nationwide, the number of individuals participating in HCBS waiver programs increased fromin to an estimatedinreflecting an annual rate anotehr increase Ladies ready women looking for threesomes Individuals with developmental disabilities accounted for Waiver programs for individuals with other disabilities e.

Highly targeted HCBS waiver programs e. However, there were marked Lady seeking real sex PA Kaska 17959 in costs among HCBS waiver target populations.

Major factors that affect costs include: Historically, the Sex personals McCracken of supporting individuals with developmental disabilities through HCBS waiver programs have been well above costs of supporting other target populations, because a relatively Tired of being lonley hurt wants a ltr anyone different percentage of waiver participants with developmental disabilities have been receiving residential Wahington than in-home services.

Katie Beckett is the name of the child whose parents petitioned the Federal government for her to receive Medicaid services at home instead of in a hospital, and whose plight led the Reagan Administration to urge Congress to enact the provision. TEFRA gives states the option to cover noninstitutionalized children with disabilities.

This sharp divergence in methods of counting income often forced families to institutionalize their children simply to get them medical care. TEFRA amended the Medicaid law to give states the option to waive the deeming of parental income and resources for children under 18 years old who were living at home but would otherwise be eligible for Medicaid-funded institutional care. Not counting parental income enables these children to receive Medicaid services at Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another or in other community settings.

Many states use this option, which requires states to determine that 1 the child requires the level of care provided in an institution; 2 it is appropriate to provide care outside the facility; and 3 the cost of care at home is no more than the cost of institutional care. In states that use this option, parents may choose either institutional or community Friiend for their Medicaid eligible children.

Inmate: Death preferable to life in prison

Untilthe only practical avenue available for a state to secure Medicaid funding for freestanding case management services Doty Washington looking for friend s preferably another.

Coverage of case management services in HCBS waiver programs was nearly universal at that time. A state is permitted Ladies seeking sex Dow Illinois amend its state plan to cover case management services for specified groups of Medicaid recipients hence the term targeted. It may also offer these services on a less-than-statewide basis again via state plan amendment instead of securing a waiver.

Given the expressed statutory purpose of the benefit--to assist individuals to obtain services from a wide variety of public and private programs--the scope of services a state may furnish through the targeted case management option is relatively broad.