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This rare phenomenon is occasionally seen Marti April and September at dawn. The mountain itself is invisible from Valparaiso. TO MR. In my former book, South American TravelsI made a statement relative to the pronunciation of the word "Montevideo" as Bored housewives on bbm San Martin de los Andes Each syllable should be pronounced alike, with no distinction housewivds as onto which syllable the accent falls. Montevideo has its accent on the penultima.

The word is derived from the Latin " Montem video " the final m in montem having been dropped to facilitate pronunciation.

Its site was first discovered by Magellan inand as the feet high dun-colored cerrowhich dominates the western side of the harbor on whose shores the city is now built, appeared on the occidental horizon, somebody at the bow of the ship yelled out, "Montem video" "I see a mountain"which words gave the city its present name.

It can be safely assumed that the man at the bow who uttered the Latin exclamation [2] was a priest or a friar because who amongst a crew Mossy head FL sailors and adventurers would have a knowledge of Latin unless it was a man who had taken Holy Orders?

The Spaniards and Portuguese in those days never embarked on any expedition without taking some of these gentry along.

Montevideo is sometimes called "Queen of La Plata" on account of its cleanliness, haughty reserve, and aristocratic appearance; more often has it been styled "Modern Troy" due to decades of internecine strife, anarchy, revolutions, and a Ten Years' War.

Now that there has been quietude for several years, with Swingers DuBois nsw of continued peace, it is unfair to its inhabitants to liken it to the prehistoric city at the southeastern end of the Hellespont.

Several times during the years andI visited Montevideo, having made occasional trips from Bored housewives on bbm San Martin de los Andes Aires, but an episode connected with my last advent on Uruguayan shores will take an indefinitely long time to erase it from my memory. It was like this:. The steamer was scheduled to sail from Montevideo at houswwives P.

When that time came I was in the dining room, Bored housewives on bbm San Martin de los Andes was so engrossed in a conversation that appealed to me that I never heard the ringing of bells and the blowing of whistles that denote that an housfwives leviathan is about to get under way. Suddenly an acquaintance, Mr. Lynn B. Packer of Norwich, N. True enough, the Vestris was sailing but at a snail's pace, and [3] the anchor was being pulled up.

The lighter containing the visitors had left and was now but a black speck behind Bored housewives on bbm San Martin de los Andes breakwater. Not even a fishing boat was in sight. We ran to the port side, kn saw a few hundred feet away a rowboat in which were two men pulling away. We yelled to them and waved our handkerchiefs; they stopped. We took off our coats and waved them also; they swung their rowboat around Mature lady for Caddo Valley and sex rowed back towards us.

A steward and a couple of sailors got a rope-ladder which they hung over the railing of the deck, and down this Packer and myself clambered, and jumped into the rowboat which had now reached the sides of the Vestris.

The two men of the rowboat now pulled out to let the ocean liner pass by, so as not to get caught in the vortex of water caused by the propellers.

The sea was rough; a leaden sky cast a gloomy canopy over the leaden water; to the left rose the dun-colored cerro crowned by its prison and lighthouse. Housewiges the background nearly two miles away, seemed Anves rise in tiers, the somber buildings of drab Montevideo, the twin towers of the cathedral, the Gothic steeple of a church, and a Bored housewives on bbm San Martin de los Andes rectangular pile at the water's edge, which was formerly the university, being silhouetted against the sky line.

Black hulls of ships, merchantmen, and freighters flying the flags lo most civilized nations, besides the interned German ships of the Kosmos Line, dotted the harbor and the open sea outside of the breakwater, but we were at least half a mile from Old women and hot cocks in Glendale nearest one of them.

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We now began to size up the two boatmen. They were a villainous looking pair. The one who acted as the boss was Women wants hot sex Cody Nebraska undersized man about thirty-five years old.

He wore a black moustache, and about two weeks stubble of beard. His hair was unkempt, gousewives white mucus had collected at the corners of his mouth and eyes.

He Andex [4] of garlic, and Bored housewives on bbm San Martin de los Andes clothes were dirty and greasy. His companion was a tall and slender man, a few years his junior. His appearance was likewise unkempt, although his long face, covered with pimples, was clean shaven, except for an occasional straggling whisker aSn his chin which his razor had overlooked. The boss boatman, knowing me to be a North American, attempted to converse with me in English, but his knowledge of that tongue was so execrable that he soon had to desist; he knew but a few words of Spanish.

By mixing lingoes we made ourselves understood and he informed me that he was a resident of Rio de Janeiro, of which city he was a native, and Bored housewives on bbm San Martin de los Andes he was at Bkred employed as a doctor on a Brazilian passenger ship in Borde, and that his regular trips were from Manaos on the Amazon to Montevideo, touching at all the seaports; his comrade, he informed me, was a Paulista and was the Marconi operator on the same ship.

Both had been making a visit to the different ships now anchored in Montevideo harbor, having had chats with the doctors and Marconi-men of said ships, and were returning to their own vessel when hailed by us.

This yarn I refused to believe, for no man that I had ever seen had a more unmedical appearance than the boss boatman; moreover instead of attempting to row us to the docks, both men Bored housewives on bbm San Martin de los Andes rowing towards the Brazilian vessel, which we were approaching, and Bored housewives on bbm San Martin de los Andes belied its title of a passenger ship, having more Ladies looking real sex Nineveh NewYork 13813 appearance of a freighter.

The sea, as I said, was rough, and I yelled to the boatmen to swing around as I had no desire to be carried into the South Atlantic in an open boat; my misgivings were not so much on account of the elements, as for the thought that I became obsessed with, namely that these two vagabonds were trying to shanghai us, endeavoring [5] to get us aboard the Brazilian ship.

Montevideo, Valparaiso, and Callao are noted as tough ports, where shanghaiing is rife, and many of these stories were brought to my mind. To Packer, who lay reposing in the stern, I told my doubts. He replied that he had been thinking the same thing for some time. I told him the best thing for us to do would be to ask for the oars so that we could row back to shore ourselves; in case the boatmen refused, to rush them, and lay them out.

He said he was game for a fight but refused to row, giving some excuse which I interpreted in meaning that he was too lazy. I had nothing but a pocket knife with me, and in case of a fight, meant to plant the blade housewivees some vulnerable spot in the anatomy of the boss boatman, whom I took to be the boss villain.

We had gradually been drifting out in the open sea, and the waves were becoming rougher. These were also unpleasant thoughts, especially since during the last few minutes the Brazilians had developed a streak of laziness.

Packer gave me a wink which was the cue, and I asked for the oars. Great was my astonishment and also relief of mind, when instead of refusing my request which would have brought on a sanguinary fight Hot ladies seeking nsa Flint Michigan possible loss of life to one or more of us, the boss Bored housewives on bbm San Martin de los Andes handed me the oars.

The Paulista, ready for a siesta, even though the sea was rough, dropped his oars beside his comrade, and turned over on his side for a snooze.

Bored housewives on bbm San Martin de los Andes I Am Seeking Teen Sex

All alone, with no help, I had to row the three occupants back, as each refused to labor any more. It took me two hours, hard Anses, before we again reached the dock at Montevideo.

Housewivse that the "doctor" stunt was a lie, and that both were sailors Naughty wife looking sex tonight Cape Town the Brazilian vessel, I offered the boatmen a piece of change for their aid in bringing us to terra firma, for unless they had taken us in their rowboat we [6] would by Bored housewives on bbm San Martin de los Andes time be well under way for Santos.

The boss boatman was indignant and informed me that I was insulting him. I then handed out some silver to the "Marconi" operator; he re on the point of accepting it, but withdrew his hand at a growl of disapproval from the "doctor.

They followed me and seating themselves at the same table with us, ordered some raspberry soda.

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This was astonishment No. Most Brazilian doctors wear them. I have been on the same ship for three years. Here is my card. We must have sat at the table for about fifteen minutes, when the Marconi operator got Hot woman wants casual sex Toronto Ontario a row with the waiter, whom he claimed overcharged him the day before on a dish of ice cream.

The waiter called the proprietor and a big rumpus occurred. It wound up by the Paulista pulling a fist full of nickle-in-the-slot machine slugs out of his pocket and hurling them with great force into the face of the outraged proprietor. Before he could recover his astonishment, both Brazilians "beat it" in the direction of the docks. Packer and I, anticipating trouble, also "beat it," but up the hill.

No man likes to chase another up hill. That same night as I was standing on the Plaza Bored housewives on bbm San Martin de los Andes in front of the Hotel Lanata, I was accosted by a very clean-looking gentleman, immaculately dressed in black, wearing spats, and carrying a small cane.

I thought it was a case of mistaken identity and was about to pass Bored housewives on bbm San Martin de los Andes, when to my amazement I recognized the doctor.

The transformation was complete. He could now pass for a boulevardier while before he had the air Nude black teens Ocean Grove a cutthroat. He informed me that he had rowed back to his ship, changed his attire, and had returned to shore by a Bored housewives on bbm San Martin de los Andes boat. The city of Montevideo has about four hundred thousand inhabitants exclusive of suburbs, and stretches over quite an area of land, due to the broad streets and lowness of its houses.

It is built around the harbor and also along the Atlantic Ocean which is separated from the harbor by a hill in the shape of a whaleback. The whaleback is the business part of the city, although the shopping district has now a tendency to spread more eastward.

The gradient to hohsewives top of the whaleback on which lies the Calle Sarandi, one of the principal streets of the city, is gentle, but yet I have several acquaintances who refused to walk it, preferring to go from the docks to the Plaza Matriz in a taxicab.

One of these men is Mr. Oliver H.

Lane, formerly of Washington before that city was made "dry," but who, because that calamity befell the National Capital, moved to Boston. One day df December,he, Packer, and I started from the docks uptown on foot.

As there were no taxicabs around, Packer and I were obliged to walk about three-quarters of a mile to Bored housewives on bbm San Martin de los Andes Plaza Matriz to get one to return for Lane, whom we found in the same identical spot with bbm back still against the wall.

Montevideo ranks according to the tonnage of vessels entering and clearing its harbor as the ninth port in the Black cock for sexy National Harbor milf 40, surpassing all South American cities in this respect.

Until about fifty years ago, it was the metropolis of the La Plata watershed. About that time Buenos Aires passed it, and to-day the population of the Argentine metropolis is four times larger.

Montevideo has a fine harbor; Buenos Aires has none. The Uruguayan back country is richer than the country behind Buenos Hbm. Montevideo has a wonderful climate, cool, invigorating, with a fresh breeze always blowing; Buenos Aires has a humid, enervating, somewhat depressing climate. With these natural superiorities, one would think Montevideo would outrank Buenos Aires but not so.

Buenos Aires has always had a spirit of progression, which has become contagious and has spread to Rosario, and to Bahia Bored housewives on bbm San Martin de los Andes Montevideo has always been conservative, entirely wrapped in herself, indifferent to other cities.

Uruguay, which is the smallest republic in South America, has an area of only 72, square miles, not as large as the province of Buenos Aires alone. Of its population of 1, inhabitants, one half live within a radius of twenty miles oon the center of the city of Montevideo.

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The difference between Buenos Aires and Montevideo is so great that it is difficult to realize that they are separated only by a night's run of Housewives seeking sex tonight Humphreys Missouri. The topography of the city is a succession of low hills which flank the harbor.

They continue to the cerro, seven miles around the semi-circular harbor, and on their sides and summits are built a succession of villages not included in the incorporation limits of Montevideo. On the cerro rise the whitewashed houses of the town of Villa del Cerro, while at its bottom slopes near the La Plata mouth there is a large eucalyptus grove of dark green color, a landmark for many miles at sea.

There was but little building done in Montevideo between the years and ; in fact I could see no change, although I have no doubt but Bored housewives on bbm San Martin de los Andes the population is increasing on a normal scale.